Locals Rally To Save One Of Sydney’s “Best Live Music Pubs” From Planned Apartment Block

Embodying the old adage of “prevention is better than cure”, Newtown music lovers have risen up to crush a new residential development planned for King Street that could threaten the future of beloved live music bastion The Botany View Hotel.

They’re going Godzilla on a four-storey apartment block proposed for nextdoor before it even gets built, in a bid to prevent would-be noise complainers from doing what they do best; you know, moving in to an area with a well-established live music venue, immediately complaining about the noise from said venue and then successfully getting its live music shut down (as in this instance) or else crippling its  owners with thousands of dollars worth of sound-proofing costs if they want to keep the live music going at all (as in this instance).

“There’s more developer-driven fuckery afoot in Newtown,” live music-loving, anti-lockout laws group Keep Sydney Open posted on Facebook alongside a petition protesting the residential DA. “Apartments are being planned to be built right next door to one of this city’s best live music pubs… Our community is strong. Let’s use our combined voices to stop this madness.”

Almost 2,000 punters have already followed KSO’s advice and inked the petition to cock-block the apartment building, and theirs aren’t the only voices in the mix.

Former Mayor Of Leichhardt Darcy Byrne, who was sensationally sacked last year alongside “every other elected official in Leichhardt, Marrickville and Ashfield” by Premier Mike Baird and replaced by what Byrne describes as a “hand picked Liberal Party Dictator” to “rule the Inner West” has also slammed the proposed development.

Now a member of the Elected Mayors Council of the Inner West, Byrne says he’ll “always be on the side of music lovers over developers” while sharing an impassioned Facebook status in support of the Botany View.

“Botany View Hotel on King Street is being threatened by a development proposal next door,” he writes. “SHARE if you want new laws that protect music venues from being targeted for residential development or shut down by noise complaints.”

It comes at a crucial time for venue, which has only just relaunched with an absolute vengeance, boldly declaring itself as one of Sydney’s most relevant live music hubs with a series of surprise launch parties featuring DMA’s and Japandroids.

“Thank god there’s still some pollys who give a shit about live music. Thanks for the support Darcy!” The Botany View posted on Facey after sharing Byrne’s words, but they’ve since declined to comment on the matter any further.

Meanwhile, the petition-writer protesting the apartment DA has issued the following call to arms: “Sydney’s skycave blow-ins are all too well-known for imposing their misery on all that came before. Our town does not need yet another threat to its entertainment family. Stop Sydney’s War on Nightlife. Shout out for The Botany View. Sign the petition now.”

Those who want to help stop the new residential apartment building from being erected like a giant middle finger in the direction of live music can sign the petition here, or else lodge an official submission to the Development Application which is currently on public display until Tuesday, 8th August.

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