Looks Like INXS Are Keen To Make New Music & Play Live Again

INXS may return to making new music and performing live in the near future, following a resurgence in their popularity after the success of the Never Tear Us Apart mini-series about the band.

Earlier this year we got wind of a documentary in the works about the band’s late frontman Michael Hutchence. Now, with a Broadway musical, exhibition and second Hutchence doco on the way, members of the band have expressed their interested in making new music and playing live again soon.

The band sat down to a dinner with label executives on the 39th anniversary of their first live show last night. When asked if he was keen for the band to get back to making new music, guitarist Tim Farriss told News Corp Australia, “Yes please.”

“I still think Switch was an excellent record,” he said. “That record showed that the songwriting abilities of Andrew and the band are still great, not the same, sure, but no less potent, poignant and catchy. The song Afterglow for example, is still a major hit that hasn’t happened yet.”

Long-time INXS manager Chris Murphy also revealed that the band are working on a “fan event”, likely to be a live concert production. “There is one potential event that I would die to see INXS play at but there is still more work to do on that project before the boys are asked,” he said.

Murphy continued, crediting the resurgence in the band’s popularity to a new generation of listeners. “As I suggested 25 years ago to all and sundry, INXS’s music is timeless. Just take for example Need You Tonight, that song could be covered by a smart superstar and have a No 1 hit even with its original music structure,” he said.

“The great thing about young people, they’re not connected or associated with any particular genre of music, they just like music.”

INXS The Musical is expected to open in Australia in 2017, while previously unreleased Michael Hutchence music is set to be released over the next year.

Watch: INXS – Need You Tonight

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