Lorde Gets Death Threats From Furious Miley Cyrus Fans After Topping Charts

What should be the greatest moment in any 16-year-old’s life has been tarnished for NZ songstress Lorde, whose #1 placement on the US iTunes charts for single Royals has been met with a volley of disapproving, threatening and downright pathetic commentary from those wishing to protect the name of their queen, Miley Cyrus.

Lorde’s uber hit knocked Cyrus from her perch and it immediately became clear that this was not OKAY for Miley’s legion of tweens. Tweets were coming in from left, right and centre after news broke that Cyrus’ track Wrecking Ball had been displaced.

Of course, Royals is a lush, classy left-of-centre tune which hints at Lorde’s integrity as an artist, whereas Wrecking Ball required Cyrus to get naked in her music video just to make sure people listened, so any real argument from Miley fans is near impossible. This leaves room for cheap shots and low blows such as “your eyes are too far apart”. You can see a select few tweets below.

Cyrus herself was even at a loss as to how people could disagree with Lorde’s music being far superior, joining in on the discussion to ask one of life’s deeper questions, “Why r people so mean?” before dropping a cheeky post-script suck up, “Your music is awesome”. Yes, yes, Cyrus. Enough out of you.

Royals has been number 1 for six weeks on the Billboard Alternative chart, beating Alanis Morrisette’s previous record for You Oughta Know. Lorde is gearing up for the release of her debut Pure Heroine drops next Friday, 27th September with a run of headlining Australian tour dates taking place soon after.

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