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Image for Has Lorde Been Secretly Running An Onion Ring Reviews Instagram Account?

Has Lorde Been Secretly Running An Onion Ring Reviews Instagram Account?

Written by Zanda Wilson on June 13, 2017

UPDATE: Lorde Confirms That Onion Ring Reviews Insta Account Is 100% Hers

ORIGINAL STORY: Evidence has surfaced which supposedly suggests that Lorde has been running an Instagram account called ‘onionringsworldwide’, which predictably shares reviews and photos of onion rings around the world.

While the account was recently deleted from Instagram, Newshub points out a number of clues that according to their source (a 17-year-old Lorde fan, supposedly) could point to the fact that the singer was secretly running the account to express her love for the greasy food.

For starters, the account was followed by Lorde’s official account, as well as friends of hers including Jimmy Mac, Justin Warren and Maddy Budd.

Image: Newshub / Instagram

Image: Newshub / Instagram

There are other clues too, including its very Lorde-esque descriptions and the fact that one post apparently occurred on a flight from Tennessee to New York, just hours after Lorde performed at Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee.

Image: Newshub / Instagram

Image: Newshub / Instagram

Newshub‘s source also points out that in a another post the word “flavour” is spelt using the British, Australian and New Zealand spelling rather than the American spelling which, would be “flavor”.

And finally, one of the photos shows off a picture of a thumb which supposedly looks like a dead ringer for Lorde’s own digit — although you can be the judge of that yourself.

Image: Newshub / Instagram

Image: Newshub / Instagram

Lorde will be in Australia for some headline shows as well as Canberra’s Spilt Milk Festival later this year, so if you happen to be putting together one of her riders it probably couldn’t hurt to chuck in some cheeky onion rings…

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