Sorry ‘Straya, Looks Like Brown Cardigan Has Been Kicked Off Instagram

Sorry Aussie culture enthusiasts and memers alike, it looks like Brown Cardigan has been deleted. The @browncardigan account disappeared yesterday and a backup account, @browncardigan69 has emerged.

It’s unclear why the account is gone, but according to the new backup account says, they’ve been “zucked”. According to a screenshot shared on Instagram, the creator behind Brown Cardigan has been receiving content violations for a while now.

It isn’t totally clear whether the violations have been fuelled by users reporting posts, or if the Insta algorithm has become increasingly intense — but Brown Cardigan reckons it’s the algorithm.

Chatting to Monster Children, Brown Cardigan said Instagram have become “super-PC, hyper-woke enforcers”.

“Since they’ve rolled out new measures to stop meme pages, and get them off their platform, they seem to be wanting to get back to this agenda of sharing pure connectivity and flourishing communities of pro-mental health (after allowing Instagram to become essentially a drug).”

They on to say it’s clear there’s been no actual human involvement, “as there’s an obvious lack of logic in the application of the violations.” Which probably refers to the image he shared via Insta (below).

The Brown Cardigan accounts are still active on both Twitter and Facebook though, and quite a bit of it is geared to rally against the ban.

The creator has stated that while most of the posts that have been reported have been under the “bullying and harassment” policy, they’ve always gained the owner’s permission before posting content.


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