Madina Lake Plan Time Off, Will Still Be At Soundwave 2012

Madina Lake have announced plans to take time off after pulling out of a recent tour in the US this week with fellow bands Me Talk Pretty, Hawthorne Heights and The Young Electric.

They give reasons such as “dealing with an attempted murder trial, a baby, recovery, loving patient wonderful wives, and a priority to tend to these things” as reasons for wanting to get out of the tour, but are adamant to let fans know that it is only a temporary set back.

Madina Lake were due to perform on the Soundwave 2012 line-up at the end of next month along with sidewaves with Angels and Airwaves. At this point in time they are still on the line-up.

They posted this message on Facebook earlier today.

thank you all so much for the support and understanding. I’ll be posting a detailed update shortly but for the moment I wanted to clarify that Madina is not disbanding, going on hiatus or anything of the sort. As soon as we tend to pertinent matters that caused us to leave the HH/MTP we’ll begin preparations for Soundwave Australia at the end of February – all the love and appreciation in the world .. well chat soon 🙂

You can read the full tour cancellation press release below:

“Ahoy fellow passengers,

It’s with a heavy heart, I bid you news that scores below average in the “good” department. I won’t belabor the uppity seas we’ve been navigating for the last year or so, as it seems to be old hat, like the October issue of People magazine that still resides in your bathroom. You’ve read it so throughly that now, you’ve gone so far as to read the editor’s letter in the beginning.

That said, I’m writing to inform you that Madina have to drop off of our current US tour with MTP, Hawthorne and Young Electric.

Life is a serious proposition you see. At this stage in our career, we can’t afford to sustain such a tour, under the current structure of it. We’ve high tailed it back and forth the US soil roughly 9 times over 6 years. As impossible of a decision as it was, we had to pull the plug. This time in our lives, finds us dealing with an attempt murder trial, a baby, recovery, loving patient wonderful wives, and a priority to tend to these things.

We believe we can create more with some time off, and shape Madina into the entity we envision it to be. Connecting with our friends all over the country is unrivaled in its splendor. Sadly, this treasured time is only 1 or 2 hours of the standard 24 hour day. The rest is difficult. This decision was made on the merit of what is best for Madina and its fans/friends and the wonderful future we aspire to experience with it.

We made dear friends with wonderful bands, Hawthorne Heights, Me Talk Pretty and Young Electric….continue to support the tour, as they won’d disappoint. To the cities we missed, we will make this up we promise.”

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