Man Arrested After 70-Year-Old Toots And The Maytals Singer Hit With Bottle During Gig

The lead vocalist of reggae outfit Toots And The Maytals, 70-year-old Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert, has been sent to hospital after a 19-year-old audience member allegedly hurled a glass bottle, clocking the vocalist directly on the head.

Described by one of the group’s guitarists as something he hadn’t seen in 30 years of performing live, the incident led to a plea from the band for information to help track down the culprit. Fan-shot footage was then uploaded to the net and an arrest was made soon after.

William C. Lewis has been charged with aggravated assault and apparently could be facing a harsh sentencing over the issue.

In the below footage, you can see that Lewis unfortunately has pinpoint accuracy. Hibbert taps out as soon as contact is made, leaving his bandmates in shock.

Hibbert received 10 stitches from the incident but has apparently been given the all-clear to check out of the hospital.

Sports Backers, who put on the Dominion Riverrock festival where the incident occurred, initially failed to confirm which member was hospitalised but did acknowledge in an earlier statement that the concert was cut short, and all those in attendance were asked to leave.

Once again, because of one person unable to control themselves, everyone misses out. “That guy” tends to make an appearance at most festivals and concerts these days, whether they be ready to pelt a solid object at a musician, sleaze all over the ladies just wanting to enjoy the music, or relieve themselves against the same part of the fence you’re leaning on.

And if you’ve you’re thinking, “Pfft, I’ve never seen “that guy” at a festival before,” chances are you’re him. Check yourself before you XTL.

Watch: Frederick “Toots” Hibbert hit with glass bottle mid-set

(Via WTVR)

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