Man “Tricks” Girlfriend Into Marriage By Impersonating Josh Pyke

How exactly do you approach a marriage proposal when your girlfriend is otherwise smitten by Australia’s foremost troubadour heartthrob Josh Pyke? You trick her into it of course, by dressing up as Josh Pyke, crafting your own Josh Pyke-style music video and popping the question mid-way through a song that sounds a lot like a Josh Pyke classic.

At least that was the tactic for one Perth man, Jonathan Baucke, who crafted a melodic proposal, loosely based on the tune of Josh Pyke’s Lines on Palms, put on a trademark Josh Pyke costume and wig and turned it all into a music video.

“I know you’ve got the hots for Josh Pyke, you’ve taken me along to more than a few of his gigs,” he sings to his partner Kate. “But I could wear a skinny tie, a jacket on top and tight black pants underneath,” he continues. “I don’t think it’s something you’ll regret because unless he writes a song for you, I’m probably going to be your best bet.” Ah romance.

The costumed doppelgänger goes on to sing a few reasons why his beloved should “take second prize” and marry him instead, including the distance between Sydney and Perth, the fact that her fantasy man is already married and that one of their friends once said Josh Pyke “came across to her as a bit of a cunt.”

Despite that last jab, Josh Pyke himself seemed thrilled with the tribute, even posting the video to his Facebook page. “Holy shit! this is amazing! Solid gold…i assume she said yes?,” he wrote. According to Baucke, she did, and while he’s pleased to finally have Josh Pyke’s blessing, he really only ever cared about one person’s reaction.

“I guess Josh’s seal of approval comes second to Kate’s, who is still making me wear that wig to bed! It’s nice to get some appreciation though,” he said. “I must add that I’m quite relieved that he’s not suing me for plagiarism or defamation – it’s a fine line between paying someone tribute and ripping them off!”

For more of Josh Pyke’s thoughts on the world, check out his Lone Wolf tour diary where he is documenting the day-to-day realities of touring, in words and pictures, exclusively for Music Feeds readers.

As his solo regional tour comes to a close, Josh Pyke is gearing up to hit the road again alongside Tim Rogers, Chris Cheney and Phil Jamieson for The White Album tour, where they will together perform one of The Beatles‘ most groundbreaking records, their 1968 self-titled double album. See the tour dates below.

Watch: Song For Kate

The White Album Concert Tour Dates

Sunday, 13th July

Lyric Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane


Tuesday, 15th July

Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Tix: Ticketmaster

Wednesday, 16th July

Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Tix: Ticketmaster

Friday, 18th July

Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall, Sydney

Tix: Ticketmaster

Saturday, 19th July

Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall, Sydney

Tix: Ticketmaster

Friday, 25th July

Festival Theatre, Adelaide

Tix: Bass

Saturday, 26th July

Riverside Theatre, PCEC, Perth

Tix: Ticketek

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