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Mark Hoppus Filmed Reacting To This Video Proves He’s Reached Peak Dad-Mode

Written by Sam Murphy on April 11, 2016

Gone are the days of nudie runs and endless expletives, our Mark is all grown up now and this video shows that he’s still cool but in a Phil Dunphy sort of way.

Blink 182‘s Mark Hoppus appears in the new video for Californian newcomer Day Wave’s track Stuck, and it’s actually been made by getting Hoppus to watch and react to a super trippy video.

It’s based off a viral video which shows a priest reacting to the new Star Wars trailer so it’s meant to be a bit daggy. Hoppus seems to be part acting and part genuinely involved in the video looking as amused as a small child watching morning cartoons.

He sits on the edge of his seat and rides through the peaks and troughs of the video, gasping and geeking-out. It comes complete with big hand actions and hilarious facial expressions.

Even though it’s acting, Hoppus looks like everyone’s Dad after 15 minutes scrolling Facebook and falling upon viral videos. Hoppus has a teenage son who is no doubt a tad embarrassed and a tad proud that his Dad is still repping for cool artists.

Day Wave released his debut EP last year, garnering the praise of critics everywhere, and is actually touring Australia right now.

Hoppus has been a fan of Day Wave for a while and the pair became friends on Twitter. He agreed to do this video straight away and knocked out the final product in five takes (more proof that this comes naturally to him).

“Of course i’m stoked and honored to be part of the timeless legacy this song is about to become,” Hoppus said about his inclusion.

Watch: Day Wave – Stuck

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