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LISTEN: Mark Hoppus Teams Up With A Day To Remember On New(ish) Song

Mark Hoppus has linked up with emo stalwarts A Day To Remember for a new version of the band’s 2021 single ”Re-Entry’.

The Blink-182 legend is a more than justifiable reason to re-record a tune from the archives, with Hoppus hopping on the mic for the second verse. Check it out below.

“When this song originally took shape it was without a doubt massively influenced by blink-182, so when the idea came up to do a remix of sorts for it, Mark was immediately who we pictured,” said frontman Jeremy McKinnon in a statement.

“We sent him the track with no second verse and said to do whatever he was inspired to do and what he sent back genuinely makes the song for me. My younger self still can’t believe it exists.”

Speaking to Kerrang earlier in the year, McKinnon said of the meaning of the song that “It’s about being an artist, and someone who travels for a living and sees the world.

“And I don’t know if this is because of the travel, or being an artist, or whatever it is, but it’s gotten to the point where this weird thing happens to me where I get home, two weeks go by, and I never quite feel settled; it’s like, ‘Okay, I’ve gotta go play some shows again!’ and I get that itch. But then I get out and start playing shows, and then a week or two passes, and I’m like, ‘I’ve gotta get the fuck home, man.’ It’s constant, and my brain feels like it has to be on the go.”

A Day To Remember released their latest record You’re Welcome last year. Stream the single ‘Brick Wall’ below.

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