Mark Hoppus And Tom DeLonge Once Tried To Get M. Night Shyamalan To Direct A Blink-182 Clip

Tom DeLonge recently reunited with fellow Blink-182 rocker Mark Hoppus for Hoppus’ Apple Music 1 show, After School Special, where the pair conversed on a range of topics, including an intriguing chat about the band almost collaborating with M. Night Shyamalan for a music video.

The conversation aired yesterday on Tuesday, 3rd August.

Rolling Stone reported that the pair spent most of their time together reminiscing on inside jokes, how DeLonge would lie to secure some of their earliest shows, DeLonge’s favorite Blink-182 album and music video, and that one time DeLonge approached Shyamalan about potentially directing a video clip for the band.

“We were on tour in Japan and we were having lunch in the hotel in Japan, and we look over and M. Night Shyamalan is at a table next to us,” said Hoppus.

“And [DeLonge’s] like, “I’m going to go ask him to direct a Blink-182 video.” And I was like, “What the hell?” The dude’s having lunch on a promo tour of his movie in Japan and you just walk up and you’re like, “Hey, my name’s Tom DeLonge. I play in a band called Blink-182. We’re a big fan of yours. Would you ever direct a Blink video?””

“And within half an hour, we’re all sitting together and he’s coming up with ideas for a Blink video. And I mean, he did come up with a whole treatment and everything.”

“It was going to cost, whatever it was, $20 million, but I mean, just on your gumption or I don’t know, no fucks to give, just walk up to somebody and say, “Hey, I want you to direct a Blink video.”

DeLonge commented on the scale of Shyamalan’s budget demands, saying “I think when he found out what music video budgets really were, he was like, “This is so beneath me.” No, he didn’t say that, but of course, he was like, “I’m not going to do this, this is a nightmare.”

DeLonge apparently did the same thing to Chris Hemsworth, too.

“It’s Thor,” he said. “The pitch was a little bit different. I said, “Can I kiss you on the lips?” That was all I said, and that was the ice breaker. ”

The pair’s chat takes place not long after Hoppus publicly announced his cancer diagnosis. More recently, he revealed he has been diagnosed, more specifically, with what is classified as Stage 4-A ‘diffuse large B-cell lymphoma’.

The bass guitarist recently streamed via Twitch his first time picking up a bass guitar since his diagnosis. In the video, he shreds along to the band’s single ‘Not Now’ from their 2005 Greatest Hits compilation.

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