Mark Hoppus Wants To Help Get My Chemical Romance Back Together

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus is tapping into a new career path of musical miracle worker, apparently, and now he wants to try his hand at getting My Chemical Romance back together.

In case you missed it, this saga all starts with the Jonas Brothers. The teen dreams of yesteryear announced their reunion last week for with their first new song in six years, ‘Sucker’.

Well, Hoppus has implied/joked hat he might have had something to do with that. Taking to Twitter, Hoppus revealed that he’d “made a few calls.”

“So the other day I was like “Hey whatever happened to the Jonas Brothers?” he wrote.

“Made a few calls, yada yada, here we are.”

But then, he stepped up even further by saying he was going to give Gerard a call. Of course, we’re talking about Gerard Way, frontman of your fave band in 2008 My Chemical Romance.

“I’m calling Gerard next,” he wrote. “I got a feeling that in 2019-2020 I can make this one happen as well.”

Given Hoppus’ grand clairvoyance and ability to give people a change of heart despite all odds, one Twitter user responded with with we’re all thing.

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