Mashd N Kutcher Prank German Fans With The Help From An Iconic Aussie Ad

Production duo Mashd N Kutcher are no stranger to pranking their fans, but the stunt they pulled in Germany last week might be their best yet.

In a video they dropped overnight, you can see the duo hype up 10,000 German fans with their remix of Adele’s ‘Hello’ and, right when you expect that beat to drop, you hear that sweet, tender, familiar voice.


Yes, that iconic Aussie commercial was played instead of the drop, as group members Matt Minor and Adam Morris piss themselves behind the decks.

This isn’t the first time these two have garnered attention for their pranks. They pulled a similar troll to Aussie fans back in 2015, when they dropped Spandau Ballet’s True instead of the expected drop, and they’ve also woken up a sleeping aunty by wheeling a full production into her bedroom.

Watch a video of this monumental prank below.

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