Matt & Alex Troll Chris Hemsworth & Weigh In On Daniel Johns Apology

Former triple j favourites have taken to the world of podcasting like second nature, with the first episode of their new show Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast.

Podcast #1 went live today (Tuesday, 5th May) and among other topics, the lads had a chat to Hamish & Andy’s Hamish Blake for some sage wisdom.

In their time at the j’s, the pair were known for some top-drawer pranks, and they re-invigorated themselves with some expert trolling of an unsuspecting Chris Hemsworth.

Bemoaning the fact that they now have a new Matt & Alex Instagram account to look after, as well as their own personal accounts, they suggested a new, easier place to get in contact with the show so that nobody gets confused.

“If you go to @chrishemsworth, scroll down to a photo of him with a baby koala,” said Alex. “I don’t be that Chris Hemsworth would mind a few more comments.

“If you want to get in touch with the show, leave a comment on that photo from March 10… That’s our website ’til further notice,” added Matt.

Listeners responded in kind, with dozens and dozens of commenters, letting Matt & Alex know what their favourite Breakfast food is.

While the boys aren’t spinning tunes anymore like the old days, they couldn’t help but weigh in on one of the biggest music controversies of the week.

Over the weekend, The Daily Telegraph apologised to Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns for an article published in 2019 alleging his attendance of a Sydney brothel.

“I do think its quite funny that they’ve admitted they alleged he was ‘swaggering out’…” laughed Matt. “He could have done anything out of it… but to swagger out, not only alleged he went to the brother but had a mighty fine sesh.”

“Either way it was all baloney,” said Alex. “The story was wrong… would that be a grovelling apology for a swaggering apology?”

Listen to the first full episode of Matt And Alex – All Day Breakfast at PodcastOne AU or below:

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