Matt Bellamy Is “Going To Start Rapping” On Muse’s Next Album

In the latest news to emerge surrounding Muse‘s forthcoming new album, frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed that he wants to explore a hip hop focus with the band’s new music.

NME reports that Bellamy is ready to take the band in a new direction on what will be their eighth studio album – and that may even involve him laying down some sweet, sweet rhymes in place of singing.

“I really wanna try and just make like a hip‑hop album,” said Bellamy. “I think I’m gonna actually, starting rapping on our next eighth studio album.”

Well, if anyone can pull it off, it might just be Matt Bellamy…

muse matt bellamy

While there’s been no announced release date yet for the new album, the band have already begun discussing their next world tour. Muse’s tour director Glen Rowe suggested last month that band try and create a floating stage, but one that doesn’t float with the aid of ropes.

“We want to do a stage made of magnets so the band can levitate on other magnets,” said Rowe.

Matt Bellamy rapping on a stage held up by magnets.

That’ll be something for the ages if it all goes to plan (unlike their attempt at filling the air with drones at shows earlier in 2016).

Check out Muse’s latest Halloween-themed track New Kind Of Kick, below.

Watch: Muse – ‘New Kind Of Kick’

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