Mayhem’s Bass Player To Undergo Exorcism For TV

Here’s one of those occasions where two worlds meet that you never thought would ….

Black Metal has always been linked to the occult and described as satanic, evil music made by the possessed. Well, it seems like a preacher in US is going to help exorcise some of these demons by starting with Mayhem’s bass player Necrobutcher (real name Jørn Stubberud).

Norwegian television station NRK is sending the Mayhem bassist to Phoenix, Arizona to be a part of a live exorcism for a television program. Rev. Bob Larson of Spiritual Freedom Churches International will perform the exorcism and has a reputation for being one of the best when it comes to ridding the soul of unwanted demons. In fact, Necrobutcher won’t be the first metaller he has performed this on, having exorcised Glenn Benton from Deicide’s demons a few years back. (allegedly)

Necrobutcher isn’t expecting much out of it besides a free trip to the States.”I’m not a believer … he’s a quack … I’m just there for the fun of it.”

Mayhem are most notorious for their original band member Euronymous being stabbed (23 times) to death by rival Varg Vikeranes of Burzum, and their fans’ involvement in several church burnings in Norway in the early to mid Nineties.

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