Michael Phelps Lip-Syncing Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Is The Ultimate Pump-Up

We already know hip hop is Michael Phelps‘ pump up genre of choice thanks to a very meme-able Rio Olympics photo, but it turns out the superstar swimmer is just as good at pumping everyone else.

Phelps took to the stage on US television show Lip Sync Battle over, to compete against other Olympians. During the show, he dropped one of the most fire renditions of Eminem‘s Lose Yourself since 8 Mile.

While he didn’t actually rap one bar of it — as that kinda would’ve defeated the point of a lip sync battle — he brought Slim Shady’s intensity to the table, complete with backup dancers, a little bit of choreography and a graffiti-covered bathroom.

He had one shot, one opportunity and he nailed it, basically. If we could, we would award him his 24th gold medal and first out of the pool, but alas, those kind of things are completely out of our control.

Phelps is a big fan of Shady. Phelps’s fiancée Nicole Johnson revealed to The New York Times that his pump-up playlist includes Eminem, alongside the likes of Young Jeezy and Eric Church. When that infamous Rio meme photo was taken he was listening to Future’s Stick Talk, apparently.

It seems like if this whole swimming thing doesn’t work out for him, he may turn to the rap world. Watch Phelps win last night’s Lip Sync Battle while losing himself, below.

Watch: Michael Phelps Lip Sync To Eminem’s Lose Yourself

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