Mike Tyson Delivered The Worst Version Of ‘Hotline Bling’ Yet On ‘Fallon’

It seems nobody has been able to escape the ever-spreading virality of the Hotline Bling memes, not even Mike Tyson who is floating round the meme-iverse with a photo of himself captioned by “you uthed to call for on your thellphone.”

Last night Tyson was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon promoting his Adult Swim show Mike Tyson Mystery when the host brought to his attention that in-house drummer The Roots’ Questlove had posted said meme on his Instagram.

To add insult to injury, he’d also caption it, “It’s never pop culture official until Mike puts his 2 thenths in,” drawing further attention to Tyson’s iconic lisp.

“I always thought you and I were cool,” Tyson retorted. “I never talk to you on the phone.”

That then segued perfectly into Tyson taking to the stage for an impromptu version of Drake‘s Hotline Bling. While his dance moves were appropriately daggy, seemingly taken from Drake himself, Tyson left much to be desired vocally. He should probably also take a quick glance at the lyric sheet.

“You call me on the cellphone, for you to get the big bone,” he sang before being stopped by Fallon – our saviour.

Hotline Bling has been covered by everyone from Art Of Sleeping to Disclosure and is officially 2015’s song that won’t die.

Watch: Mike Tyson Brings a Drake Meme To Life

It's never pop culture official until Mike puts his 2 thenths in…..#HotlineBling ????

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