Soundwave 2016 Lineup Rumours And Info

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

UPDATE: The first full Soundwave 2016 lineup is here!

It’s been mere weeks since Soundwave 2015 wrapped up, which means of course that chatter has started up already about Soundwave 2016! As always, Music Feeds is here to keep you in the loop with all of the latest festival news, leaks, rumours, and lineup talk.

In the spirit of keeping things streamlined and accessible, we’ve put together this information page, filled with information so that Soundwave aficionados can keep up with all the latest coming out of Soundwave HQ as well as the chatter taking place on AJ Maddah’s overactive Twitter page.

This page will be consistently updated and revised so that we can keep you up to date with everything Soundwave 2016-related, from dates and venues, to ticket information, as well as general news, and of course, the all-important lineup. Check back for updates.

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Photos: Soundwave 2015 Adelaide, Day 1 / Photos by Nic Bezzina


There’s been much talk about the geographical locations of future Soundwave festivals after Perth was dropped from the festival roster this year and then with AJ Maddah later announcing that 2015 will be Adelaide’s last ever Soundwave.

2015’s Adelaide attendance numbers at Soundwave have pushed Maddah to reiterate his stance that the festival will not return to South Australia in 2016, but his love for the city means he has not ruled out future Adelaide stops entirely.

Maddah has also stated there’s a “good” chance Melbourne Soundwave will return to the Melbourne Showgrounds venue in 2016, after the 2015 festival saw the event move from Flemington Racecourse back to its original home at the Showgrounds.

UPDATE 19/08/15: AJ Maddah has confirmed via Twitter that the Sydney leg of Soundwave 2016 will take place at Sydney Olympic Park.

UPDATE 07/10/15: AJ Maddah has confirmed via Twitter that the Melbourne leg of Soundwave 2016 will take place at Melbourne Showgrounds.


Soundwave 2016 dates have been announced with organisers confirming that the festival will return to its original single day format in 2016. They have also confirmed that Soundwave will not return to Adelaide or Perth in 2016.

The 2016 festival will kick off in Brisbane on Saturday 23rd January, followed by a stop in Sydney on Sunday 24th January and will finish up in Melbourne on the Australia Day Public Holiday of Tuesday 26th January 2016.

With the change in dates, we can also expect the lineup to be announced sooner than last year.

Soundwave Festival 2016

Saturday, 23rd January 2016

TBA, Brisbane

Sunday, 24th January 2016

Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney

Tuesday, 26th January 2016

Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne

Lineup Announcement Schedule

UPDATE 30/10/15: In an Australian first, Music Feeds will be streaming the Soundwave Festival 2016 lineup LIVE from the Music Feeds Studio tonight, Friday 30th October, from 7.30 PM AEDT. Tune in.


The change in structure for Soundwave 2016 will have an impact on the festival’s vaunted sideshows. Now that the festival is held over four days across three cities, there’s less time for bands to hang around in the country, so we can expect less Sidewaves than previous years in 2016. Maddah says, “We’re keeping the whole thing compact.”

As for whether Sidewaves will take place before, during or after the four date run, or which cities they’ll go to, it’s still too early to tell.

UPDATE 15/08/15: When asked by a punter on Twitter if there will be any under 18 Soundwave 2016 sideshows, AJ Maddah replied with, “Doubtful tbh. There won’t be that many sidewaves in 2016 in general.”

UPDATE 19/08/15: When asked via Twitter if Adelaide will receive any Soundwave sidewaves next year, Maddah replied, “Maybe. Not sure yet.”

Later, when asked “Do you think there might be cheap flights for Adelaide and Perth people to get to SW next year?”, Maddah replied saying, “Yes. We’re working on something cool.”

UPDATE 11/09/15: Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has revealed how many Soundwave sidewaves we’ll likely see in 2016, taking to Twitter to say, “My guess would be 3 [sidewaves] in Brisbane, none in Sydney and 4 to 5 in Melbourne.” When asked if Brisbane or Melbourne’s sidewaves will feature any all ages gigs, Maddah confirmed that there is “definitely” no chance of such gigs taking place.

UPDATE 21/10/15: Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has taken to Twitter to say Adelaide won’t see any sidewaves in 2016. In a separate tweet, however, he says he is planning something for Adelaide.

UPDATE 21/10/15: Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah says he is planning a “killer 4 band metal sidewave” for Perth punters, who won’t see Soundwave come their way next year.

Timetables & Set Times

Even though there’s only one day’s worth of festival in each city next year, Maddah says, “Longer sets are here to stay.” This presumably means there will be less bands on the day, rather than more stages.

UPDATE 16/08/15: It looks like short 30-minute sets will be a thing of the past at Soundwave 2016, with AJ Maddah taking to Twitter to say, “For everyone asking, we will no longer to 30 min sets at SW. It’s all about better bands and longer sets.”

Maddah has confirmed that this move to longer sets will result in a smaller lineup, but he has reassured punters that the festival is still spending the usual amounts of money it typically spends on artists, meaning bigger bands will be able to flesh out their performances in longer sets.


As Soundwave 2016 will revert to the festival’s original single-day format, AJ Maddah has indicated that ticket prices will also return to pre 2015 prices. That places the festival tickets prices at $185 each.

Soundwave Festival Memberships

As a member of The Soundwave Society, your membership card is valid for 12 months. In that 12 months, the card guarantees its owner free access to Soundwave Festival 2016 in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Access to the venues prior to gates official opening is also included, give members extra time to get settled in.

Members will have priority access and free entry to the Soundwave Comfort Zone. There are further discounts on Soundwave merchandise, access to exclusive Soundwave Society merchandise, special offers from participating retailers and exclusive invites to Soundwave listening parties, promotional events, social get togethers and after-show parties.

Membership also includes exclusive pre-sales for all Soundwave Touring events and sidewaves, as well as automatic entry into all Soundwave competitions and contests.

Soundwave organisers have made clear that keeping your Soundwave Society membership requires good behaviour at all events, and that membership is limited and will not be available once sold out. New members will be allowed in if exiting members do not renew their memberships.

The Soundwave Society memberships cost $200 (that’s $15 above the ticket price, excluding booking fee) and are available to purchase via Eventopia.


UPDATE 29/07/15: Taking to Twitter, Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah has said Soundwave 2016’s theme has now changed. Replying to a punter, Maddah said, “It was horror theme but now is very specific horror tinged theme.” Referring to the theme in a separate tweet, Maddah said, “Sure, it’s moronic but it is original!”

UPDATE 19/08/15: When asked on Twitter if the Soundwave 2016 theme was inspired by The Twilight Zone, Maddah replied, “No. But what a great idea!”

UPDATE 22/08/15: Posting on Twitter, AJ Maddah says the Soundwave 2016 theme will be announced soon so that the festival’s new lineup announcement format (details above) will work properly.

UPDATE 21/10/15: Posting to Twitter, Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah says the festival has ditched its “Evil Christmas” theme for 2016, “as it was not to the liking of some of the artists”. Maddah says organisers are “hustling on new theme now”, but hasn’t revealed what it is.

Gallery: Soundwave 2015, Sydney – The Best Of You / Photos by Liam Cameron



The Lineup


Soundwave Festival 2016 Lineup – Second Announcement

Killswitch Engage

Ill Niño

Terror Universal

Soundwave Festival 2016 Lineup – First Announcement


Bring Me The Horizon

The Prodigy



Bullet For My Valentine

Public Enemy


Metal Allegiance




Dead Letter Circus


frnkiero andthe cellabration

Nothing But Thieves

Frenzal Rhomb



Devil You Know

Moose Blood

+ more to be announced

Good Chance

Please note: Nothing on this page is confirmed until officially announced by Soundwave organisers.

  • L7: Although Maddah previously ruled them out of the 2016 festival, a source tells Music Feeds the California rockers are now in with a good chance for the Soundwave 2016 lineup.
  • Melvins: Maddah has been in talks with Buzz Osborne and the crew, and says there’s “better than 50/50 chance” of the band playing Soundwave 2016.
  • Panic! At The Disco: They’re a “decent chance”.
  • With Confidence: The Sydney band look very likely to play in their home city.
  • Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes: Carter has said he “would love to get down there next year”, and Maddah seems keen.
  • Halestorm: Maddah says the band have “already promised” to play SW16
  • Storm The Sky: The Melbourne outfit already previously volunteered themselves for Soundwave 2016, and now Maddah has added cryptically that he has “a pretty good feeling about this one :)”. Things are looking good for the Aussie lads.
  • Mayday Parade: They’re “quite likely” and “will be invited” for Soundwave 2016
  • NOFX: The California punk rockers are in for a shot, with Maddah saying he’d “hopefully” like to get them on board “via their Aus promoter.”
  • Slaves: Talk with the band is already underway!
  • Hammerfall: Maddah said in 2014, “not likely for 2015 unless someone drops out. If not, def 2016.” If you’re keen make sure you remind him!


  • Violent Soho: Although seemingly “confirmed” by Maddah on Twitter, Violent Soho have been announced on the Laneway festival which takes place the week after SW, making the prospect of them doing both unlikely.
  • Lindemann: AJ Maddah has previously said Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann’s solo project could find their way on to the SW16 lineup, and now a Kaaos TV interview with Lindemann’s Peter Tägtrgren has seen the muso suggest the group are hoping to play festivals soon. When asked about when Lindemann will play live, Tägtrgren said, “I think if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be festivals… Everything changes constantly between me and [Lindemann]. So you never know…It’s better not to say too much until we know for sure. But I hope that we’re gonna go out and play.”
  • Lonely The Brave: Maddah says he’d be up for bringing the English alt-rockers to Australia soon.
  • The Story So Far: They’ve always been a chance, and now Maddah has said he’d consider them for Soundwave 2016.
  • Disturbed: Speaking with FasterLouder, Disturb frontman David Draiman has said the band “would love to” play Soundwave, and guaranteed Aussie fans will see them live “whether we’re there on a festival or headlining, there’s no doubt that we’re going to get out there”.
  • Slayer & Anthrax: When asked on Twitter if Slayer and Anthrax would tour with Megadeth, Maddah said, “Nope.” Megadeth have since announced their own headline tour of Australia.
  • Failure: First they were a “maybe”, and now Maddah has said, “Just because I’m in love with them does not mean they are on SW. Although that usually does help.”
  • We Are In The Crowd: Maddah says he’d like to have them, but isn’t sure if there’s space.
  • MC Lars: There’s a possibility that the American rapper and producer will be on the Soundwave 2016 lineup, but Maddah isn’t sure.
  • The Movielife: Maddah says he’d love to have the Long Island band on board.
  • Code Orange: Maddah says, “Maybe. I’m trying to fit them in. Not sure if I can do it for SW16.”
  • Our Last Night: He wasn’t sure at first, but Maddah now says he’ll try to get the band on board.
  • Wednesday 13: Soundwave would love to the former frontman of Murderdolls back.
  • Don Broco: The British rockers are a big “maybe”.
  • Killswitch Engage: There’s a chance, depending on the band’s availability and interest.
  • Cavalera Conspiracy: Maddah would like to have them, but nothing has been discussed yet.
  • Soulfly: Maddah would like to have them, but nothing has been discussed yet.
  • The Strokes: Maddah says he would definitely consider the band for Soundwave, but whether or not the group are up for it is another question.
  • All Time Low: Maddah is working on bringing the band down under.
  • Enter Shikari: One big “maybe”.
  • Fozzy: Maddah thinks Fozzy singer Chris Jericho might be too busy to perform at Soundwave next year because of his comedy web series Nothing To Report.
  • Paramore: “As well as being one of the best bands in the world they are family and always welcome.” Let’s hope the stars align for this one.
  • Lamb of God: Although Soundwave don’t usually book artists for back to back years, Maddah is willing to make an exception for Lamb of God.
  • Volbeat: They’re a “maybe” for SW16.
  • Phil Anselmo: We’re probably not going to see his newly reactivated Superjoint Ritual project at SW16, but we’re in with a shot for Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals.
  • Stone Temple Pilots: Maddah would consider the band, now officially fronted by Chester Bennington, despite their 2014 headline slot cancellation.
  • Alexisonfire: Now that they’ve reunited, Maddah says “it’s up to them” to reach out.
  • Slayer: They’ll be “invited for sure”
  • The Amity Affliction: Maddah’s already said Amity “can just walk on and play” when they like, and has now added that “it’s time they graduated to a prominent main stage slot”.
  • Deftones: “Of course” they’re being considered, because “DEFTONES”
  • Dethklok: When one fan announced they wanted Dethklok for SW16, Maddah replied, “Me too.”
  • In Hearts Wake: “Of course” they’ll be considered.
  • The Killers: “Of course” Maddah would consider the Vegas fivesome.
  • Sum 41: Things are looking good for Sum 41. Maddah says “yeah” there’s a chance they’ll make it to Soundwave 2016, adding that he’s “monitoring things w great interest.”
  • Shihad: Maddah says he “would love to” have the New Zealand-born outfit at Soundwave next year.
  • Coheed and Cambria: It’s also quite possible.
  • The Used: They’re definitely a contender for the 2016 lineup
  • The Pretty Reckless: Despite Maddah saying earlier that they’re in with a chance, they’ve now been ruled out of the 2016 festival.
  • Asking Alexandria: Not only does AJ know and approve of the new singer, he’s considering them for Soundwave next year! Fingers crossed.
  • Black Label Society: They would be “most welcome”
  • Motionless In White: Maddah says “yep” there’s a chance for the US metalcore act to join the SW16 lineup
  • Ghost: They’re a “maybe” for SW16 or a headline tour, but Maddah is “not sure what is going on with them“.
  • Karnivool: The WA legends may be invited this year.
  • The Maine: They’re being considered.
  • Relient K: They’re being considered.
  • Mayday Parade: “Count me in,” says Maddah of bringing the Florida outfit to Australia for Soundwave next year.
  • The Blackout: Soundwave may also be on the cards for Welsh rockers The Blackout, with Maddah saying “i’m sure i’ll attend a football game with my brother” Gareth Lawrence – Blackout drummer – “at some point this summer” and will find out if they’re keen.
  • Manchester Orchestra: Maddah says he’d “love to have” the Atlanta indie rockers here for Soundwave.
  • Pierce The Veil: Maddah says he is “very hopeful”.
  • Story of the Year: The St. Louis outfit are “maybe” in with a chance.
  • King Diamond: Maddah says he’ll have a go at getting the heavy Danish act over here for SW16.
  • Angels & Airwaves: Tom DeLonge’s full-time project is a possibility for Soundwave 2016.
  • All That Remains: Maddah “wouldn’t rule out” the US heavy metallers.
  • Royal Blood: Maddah says he’d “love to have them”
  • Fantomas: “Don’t care about chances. Will try.”
  • Bad Religion: “Def open to having them on SW16.”
  • Motion City Soundtrack: “Maybe.”
  • Issues: “Why not?”
  • Dropkick Murphys: Maddah would be “very happy” with Dropkick Murphys on the SW16 lineup.
  • Flogging Molly: Maddah would be “very happy” with Flogging Molly on the SW16 lineup.
  • Five Finger Death Punch: After an appearance at SW14, FFDP are a “maybe”.
  • Tremonti: The Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist can come to Soundwave “any time he wants to play”.
  • DZ Deathrays: Maddah would consider the Aussie indie thrashers.
  • Primordial: They’re “worthy contenders”.
  • Hobbs’ Angel of Death: They’re “worthy contenders”.
  • New Years Day: Same goes for these US rockers, Maddah says “yep” there’s a chance.
  • Real Friends: It’s “possible but not probable” that these US pop punkers will make the SW16 lineup
  • Iced Earth: They’re “worthy contenders”.
  • Taake: They’re “worthy contenders”.
  • Avatar: They’re on Maddah’s radar.
  • Underside: They’re on Maddah’s radar.
  • Make Them Suffer: They’re a chance.
  • Ice Nine Kills: Maddah says they’re “definitely on my radar”.
  • Kids In Control: The Melbourne pop punkers look like they’ve got an in for their locale SW16 leg.
  • We Came As Romans: A chance.
  • We The Kings: When asked if he’d consider bringing them over for Soundwave, Maddah replied with a simple, “yep”
  • A Pale Horse Named Death: After the SW15 lineup announcement, Maddah said, “I wish I had thought of them in time! Please remind me after SW15 to book them for the next year.”
  • A Loss For Words: Another act definitely up for consideration
  • Adelita’s Way: After missing out on SW15, the band tweeted, “There’s always 2016! Thanks AJ, hope to see you soon!” to which the promoter replied, “You got it!”
  • Maximum The Hormone: Maddah says he will “invite them again”.
  • In This Moment: Maddah said “OK” when asked to “pleeeaaseeeeee get” In This Moment for SW16.
  • Dune Rats: Maddah says the Aussie act are great and Soundwave “worthy”.
  • Smith Street Band: As above, Maddah says the Aussie act are great and Soundwave “worthy.”
  • Kingswood: Yep, another Aussie band Maddah says is great and Soundwave “worthy”.
  • Twenty One Pilots: Even though they’re heading our way soon for a national tour, they’re still a “possible” for the SW16 lineup. Maddah has added he, “Would love to have them”.
  • Billy Talent: They’ve already expressed an interest in joining Soundwave 2016 and Maddah says he “can’t wait to see them again.”
  • Hands Like Houses: When asked to get Hands Like Houses on the 2016 lineup Maddah replied, “I don’t see why not!”
  • Royal Republic: It’s “possible”
  • Set It Off: In the same tweet as above, they’re up for consideration for Soundwave
  • Dead By April: Maddah “would consider”
  • Four Year Strong: Maddah agrees it’s been way too long since Four Year Strong came to Australia
  • Vista Chino: They’re a “maybe”
  • Truckfighters: They’re also a “maybe”
  • Chrome Division: It’s a “possibility”
  • Soen: They’re “brilliant” and Maddah would “love to have them”.
  • The Unguided: They’re a “maybe” but it’s “too soon to tell”.
  • Body Count: He’s also going to try and get the Los Angeles metal act over here.
  • Dimmu Borgir: Same goes for Norwegian symphonic metal outfit.
  • Turbonegro: It’s quite possible.
  • Heaven Shall Burn: Maddah said he promoted their only Australian tour and “if they want to come back would be happy to talk to them,” he said.
  • Within Temptation: As above, Maddah says having them at SW16 would be great.
  • Streetlight Manifesto: Maddah’s worked with them before and “would be happy” to see them at Soundwave.
  • Beartooth: The Soundwave chief is into the idea of getting Beartooth here for the 2016 festival.
  • The Ghost Inside: Chances are good. Maddah says he “would love” them on the 2016 lineup.
  • The Presidents of the United States Of America: “Possible but not probable.”
  • Young Guns: Maddah says he’d be “be into” getting the UK act here for SW16.
  • Kreator: Maddah would love to have the German thrash metal group perform next year.
  • We Are Harlot: Maddah’s “definitely” looking at We Are Harlot for SW16
  • Social Distortion: They’re a good possibility, with Maddah earlier saying he “had plans” to bring the band for SW16, and now saying he could “not say no to Mike Ness”
  • Marmozets: Maddah agrees they are fab and says he “desperately tried to find a spot for them this year”, meaning if the stars align they have a good shot at 2016.
  • Dead Rabbits: It’s a vehement “yes!” to Craig Mabbitt’s side project.
  • Four Year Strong: Maddah says “maybe” there’s a chance the Massachusetts will isit Australia for SW16.
  • Emigrate: Despite Rammstein being ruled out for Soundwave 2016, lead guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s side project Emigrate is in with a shot.
  • iTCH: After being directed on Twitter to the solo project of the former frontman for punk outfit The King Blues, Maddah says he’s “intrigued for sure.”

Long Shot

  • Parkway Drive: Announced on UNIFY festival, one week before Soundwave.
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer: Maddah says he would seriously consider the Aussie pop-punk outfit for Soundwave, but there’s no word on if they’ll be performing at the festival in 2016.
  • Motörhead: When asked if he would bring Motörhead out to Australia “before Lemmy possibly calls it a day”, AJ replied “I’d love to, but cannot see it happening.”
  • Hollywood Undead: Maddah says it’s “highly unlikely” the rap rock outfit will tour Australia in support of their latest album, Day Of The Dead.
  • Gogol Bordello: Unlikely for 2016.
  • Bloodhound Gang: Unlikely for 2016.
  • Local H: It’s unlikely that we’ll see the American grunge duo on the lineup.
  • Fidlar: Maddah “can’t see it happening” for Soundwave 2016.
  • AFI: Maddah says there’s “slim to none” chance of seeing the band on Australia shores in the near future.
  • Frnkiero and the Cellabration: They were a chance, but now it’s “not probable” that we’ll see them at Soundwave 2016.
  • Thy Art Is Murder: Maddah says he’d like to have the band on board, but the group say their schedule doesn’t match up well with Soundwave’s.
  • Fuel: A Soundwave slot is looking unlikely.
  • Amon Amarth: The Swedish melodic heavy metal band don’t look likely for Soundwave 2016, but a headline tour might be on the way.
  • Scar the Martyr: It’s “unlikely” they’d ever be asked to play Soundwave.
  • In Flames: Given they were recently in the country, the Swedish band look unlikely.
  • Being As An Ocean: Maddah says he hasn’t approached the band’s management.
  • The Cure: It’s “highly unlikely” the band will ever play Soundwave.
  • Pixies: Nope.
  • Saint Asonia: “Not this time.” Maybe next?
  • Gerard Way: After performing at Soundwave this year, Maddah says there’s no chance of the former My Chemical Romance frontman returning next year.
  • Forever The Sickest Kids: The Texas pop-punk band are a no-go.
  • Nightrage: Very unlikely. As Maddah says, sarcastically, “The whole country is crying out for obscure Swedish band no one has heard of outside Gothenburg.”
  • Rancid: After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get the band here, Maddah will “keep trying”.
  • Linkin Park: When asked if Linkin Park are in the running to headline SW16, Maddah said he’s “not sure”, adding “I am sure we’ll hear from them in due course.”
  • Dillinger Escape Plan: “Can’t see it tbh”
  • Limp Bizkit: No go, as long as they keep “blocking the SW Doco”
  • Garbage: Maddah says they were in Australia in 2013 so are unlikey to return for SW16 “unless there is compelling new material”.
  • Courtney Love: The Hole frontwoman is looking unlikely as Maddab has already had his “Courtney Love experience”.
  • Van Halen: It’s “very unlikely” we’ll see Van Halen in an Australian festival setting according to Maddah, who said they don’t have the right fanbase to draw in enough ticket sales.
  • Devin Townsend: Although he agrees Townsend is “a certified genius” and “as such also a bit mental”, Maddah thinks a headline tour more likely.
  • Suicidal Tendencies: Chances are “remote” for an ST tour.
  • Rob Zombie: It’s “unlikely” he’ll be here for Soundwave 2016.
  • Airbourne: Negotiations aren’t looking good.
  • Black Stone Cherry: It’s a long-shot for these guys, seeing as Maddah isn’t a fan of their Australian agent.
  • Rival Sons: Probably not for Soundwave but only because Maddah is hoping to get them down here “before the end of the year”.
  • letlive: Maddah says they’re actually “due for a headline tour this year”
  • Steel Panther: Given that they were just here for Soundwave 2015, Maddah says Steel Panther “will not be back for some time”.
  • Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: They’ll apparently be here sooner than SW16
  • Glassjaw: “Probably not” for SW16.
  • Deicide: Unlikely, since Maddah is not sure if he can “stomach Glen Benton and his bullshit”.
  • Scorpions: It’s looking unlikely that the German rockers will make the 2016 lineup. Likely referencing their 1990 power ballad Wind of Change, Maddah said there’s “no fucking whistling at SW.”
  • Get Dead: They’re a “good band” but their lack of current exposure in Australia would make it tough.
  • Children Of Bodom: Maddah would love to have them here, but says “as I am not their promoter I will not make the approach.”
  • Bush: They were here a couple of years ago, so it looks unlikely for 2016
  • Three Days Grace: It’s “not likely” 2016 will be Three Days Grace’s year at Soundwave.
  • Sikth: Maddah “loves” the band, but admits they’re “unlikely” to be at SW16.
  • Nightwish: Maddah says they “probably won’t have a singer by then!”.
  • Hed(pe): They’ll most likely be here before SW16.
  • The Birthday Massacre: Maddah’s “not sure” they are right for the festival.
  • KMFDM: Same goes as above, but Maddah said seeing either band on SW16 “Would make me happy as a fan”.
  • Soilwork: They’ll be in Australia prior to SW16.
  • Tesseract: A headline tour this year looks more likely.
  • Four Year Strong: Chances are “slim at this point” for the band to make the 2016 lineup
  • Mae: It’s not looking promising for fans disappointed when Mae cancelled their first headline tour of Australia this year. “I like them a lot but I think tour was canned due to lack of sales,” said Maddah, signalling it’s unlikely they’ll return to Australia to back up their 2008 Soundwave appearance.
  • Slowdive: Sorry guys, Maddah says he “can’t see it happening”.
  • Cold: Not looking likely.
  • Like Moths To Flames: “Not this time.”
  • Bad Brains: It’s “unlikely” the punk veterans will get a turn at SW16.
  • Black Flag: Maddah says it’s “unlikely” the hardcore punk will tour as part of Soundwave next year.
  • Twin Atlantic: They might not return for back-to-back festivals, but Maddah did say he’d “definitely” consider bringing Twin Atlantic back for a headline tour.
  • Hit the Lights: Their last Australian tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, so it depends on the reaction to their upcoming new record.
  • D.R.I.: It’s “unlikely” to happen for the veteran thrashers.
  • Ensiferum: Same goes for this Finish melodic folk metal act.
  • Seether: Not likely. They don’t have a large enough Australian fan base to make it on to the Soundwave bill.
  • In This Moment: Not sure about Soundwave, but there’s a chance they’ll tour this year with their full stage show.
  • Famous Last Words: “Probably not” for SW16.
  • Falconer: Club shows look like the more likely tour solution.
  • Unearth: Looks unlikely for SW16, but “they maybe here before then…”
  • Tear Out the Heart: “Won’t happen” SW16. Maddah says he’s “just about out of spots”.
  • Skyharbor: “Probably not.”
  • Korpiklaani: The promoter thinks they’d be wasted on Soundwave.
  • Tankard: Maddah reckons club shows would be more suitable.
  • Powerman 5000: Maddah says we’ll “probably not” see the US rockers on a Soundwave lineup.
  • Counterparts: It’s “not likely” for the Canadian melodic hardcore act.

No Dice

  • Baby Metal: Despite Maddah previously revealing that he was waiting for confirmation to lock in the primary schooler-fronted heavy metal act on the 2016 bill, he has now confirmed they won’t be playing SW16.
  • Tool: Hotly rumoured headliners Tool have been ruled out by AJ Maddah for the Soundwave 2016 lineup.
  • The Pretty Reckless: Despite Maddah saying earlier that they’re in with a chance, they’ve now been ruled out of the 2016 festival.
  • DOPE: Maddah has also ruled out the American industrial metal act.
  • Guns N’ Roses: With rumours circulating that Slash and Axl could be getting back together to headline Soundwave 2016, the festival’s head honcho, AJ Maddah, has ruled the band out of the event. Read Maddah’s full response to the rumours, here.
  • Wintersun: Maddah says he’d “love to” have the Finnish band in Australia, but he “just can’t afford to have bands play to 80 people” at Soundwave.
  • Korn: Maddah has said there’s a chance we’ll see Korn at Soundwave again in the near future, but they’ve been ruled out of 2016.
  • Chris Clancy: Will the vocalist of New Jersey outfit Mutiny Within hit up Soundwave 2016? “Not this time.”
  • Wearing Scars: The English metal band won’t be performing at the next Soundwave.
  • Guards Of May: The Brisbane band aren’t on the cards for next year’s Soundwave, but Maddah is keen to check out their stuff.
  • The Offspring: We won’t be seeing them at Soundwave 2016, but we will in the future “for sure”.
  • Underoath: With a US reunion tour announced, will Underoath have time for some Soundwave 2016 action? Maddah says Soundwave tried to get the band, but, “One of the guys can’t make that time period.”
  • Iron Maiden: “Not this time.”
  • Megadeth: The band aren’t playing Soundwave 2016 and have announced their own headline tour of Australia, but Maddah has said he’d welcome the band back even after 2015’s last-minute cancellation fiasco.
  • Black Sabbath: Since saying Soundwave would “have to change dates to accommodate them as they can’t do current dates as they are”, Maddah has ruled out Sabbath as Soundwave 2016 headliners.
  • Neck Deep: The Welsh outfit were a chance, but they’re a chance no longer.
  • Alice In Chains: They played Soundwave 2014, and while Maddah has previously said it’s “definitely way too early” for another Soundwave slot, he’s now ruled the band out completely.
  • One Okay Rock: They performed at Soundwave 2015, and Maddah says Australia won’t be seeing them “for another couple of years”.
  • System Of A Down: Maddah previously said he’d be up for bringing them to Australia, but the band have now been ruled out of Soundwave 2016.
  • Periphery: They’re supporting Devin Townsend Project’s October Australian tour, and so have been ruled out.
  • Trophy Eyes: Nope.
  • Good Charlotte: They were a “maybe”, but they’ve now been ruled out.
  • Shinedown: They were a chance, but they’re a chance no longer.
  • Chevelle: They’ve now been ruled out.
  • X Japan: The Japanese metal band won’t make the trip down under for Soundwave 2016, but Maddah is hopeful that they will one day.
  • Paradise Lost: Nope.
  • Silverstein: There is “zero” chance Silverstein will play Soundwave 2016.
  • Emmure: No deal for the American deathcore band.
  • Bury Tomorrow: Maybe in 2017.
  • Breakdown Of Sanity: Not this year, but Maddah would love to have them in 2017.
  • I See Stars: The American electronicore band won’t be making an appearance.
  • Shields: The London metal band aren’t being considered.
  • My Dying Bride: The English doom metal outfit have been ruled out.
  • Scar Symmetry: “Not this time.”
  • Between The Buried And Me: We won’t be seeing the American progressive metal band.
  • Simple Plan: Maddah says they’re in consideration for Soundwave, but not in 2016.
  • Santa Cruz: The Finnish glam metal band were a chance, but now they’ve been ruled out.
  • Belphegor: We won’t be seeing the death metal band this year, but they’re in the running for 2017.
  • Never Shout Never: No chance.
  • The Ready Set: No chance.
  • Icon For Hire: Not next year, but they might come back one day.
  • Like A Storm: The New Zealand band won’t be making the trip over for Soundwave 2016.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: No deal.
  • Zebrahead: We won’t be seeing them at Soundwave 2016.
  • H20: Not this time around.
  • Eluveitie: The Swiss folk-metal band won’t play Soundwave 2016, and Maddah thinks they’d better suit a small club tour.
  • Get Scared: Not in 2016, but Maddah has said he’ll talk to the band about a tour.
  • Tonight Alive: They won’t be playing for a second year in a row, but Maddah thinks a national headline tour should be their next move.
  • The Orwells: Maddah says the American rockers won’t play Soundwave 2016, but he’d like to work with them in the future.
  • Radio Birdman: Not this year.
  • Mudhoney: Maddah likes the band, but says we won’t see them in 2016.
  • Death Grips: Maddah says he can’t fit the experimental group on the Soundwave 2016 bill, but is open to hosting them in 2017.
  • Veil of Maya: Maddah likes the band but we won’t be seeing them next year.
  • Heart of a Coward: Not in 2016, although Maddah digs them.
  • Neon Trees: No chance.
  • Monster Truck: No chance.
  • Clutch: No chance.
  • Falling In Reverse: No chance — they played at Soundwave 2015.
  • Sabaton: Not in 2016.
  • Amaranthe: Not this time around.
  • Thrice: No deal.
  • Placebo: They played at Soundwave in 2014, but won’t be here for the festival next year.
  • Blessthefall: Maddah says there’s no chance of him working with the band again.
  • Rev Theory: They won’t be here next year but Maddah is open to having them in the future.
  • Bodyjar: The Melbourne punk rockers have been ruled out.
  • Rise Against: The band have now been ruled out of Soundwave 2016, but Maddah says “they’ll be back soon”.
  • Green Day: Sorry guys, Maddah says “nope” to bringing Green Day back for another Soundwave tour in 2016.
  • Blink 182: No chance for Soundwave 2016, and making matters even worse, Maddah said he “doubt[s] we’ll ever see them again”.
  • Rage Against The Machine: Not happening for SW16
  • Tenacious D: Same goes for these guys.
  • Sleeping With Sirens: Maddah says “nope” for SW16, but they told us they’re coming this year for a headline tour anyway.
  • Under Night’s Cover: It’s not the young Sydney band’s time yet according to the Soundwave chief who said they’re “Not ready for SW yet.”
  • Black Veil Brides: Maddah says “nope” after already stating he is no longer working with the band.
  • AC/DC: The Australian rock legends will be doing their own tour.
  • Rammstein: They’ve already been ruled out, but Maddah says we will see some German bands on the lineup.
  • Stone Sour: Slipknot have just begun their World tour Stone Sour probably won’t be touring extensively for at least 18 months, according to Maddah.
  • Muse: They won’t be available in the SW16 time frame.
  • Aerosmith: They were in Australia a few years ago, plus, says Maddah, “most of their fans are around 50 yrs old and will not want to go to festival.”
  • Evanescence: Sorry guys, although Maddah previously said he’d be “fine [with] having them”, he’s now said there’s been “no chase” to getting them on the SW16 lineup.
  • Reel Big Fish: Not for SW16, but they’re coming for a headline tour instead! And it will be sometime this year.
  • MANOWAR: Despite Maddah promising he’d “go after them harder” this year, MANOWAR have locked in a series of European tour dates for January, ruling them out of Soundwave 2016.
  • Ugly Kid Joe: They’re not even a possibility.
  • Sevendust: After cancelling on Maddah three times, Sevendust get a “no thanks”.
  • Attila: “No”.
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars: Sorry guys, there’s no chance the Jared Leto-led act will be coming to Soundwave 2016.
  • Brand New: Looks like the New York rockers will be on a headline tour instead.
  • No Doubt: Maddah says No Doubt “have a very high opinion of what the band is worth”, so Soundwave is “not going to bother them”.
  • Avenged Sevenfold: Not for SW16.
  • Cradle of Filth: Not for SW16.
  • Lacuna Coil: As above, not for SW16.
  • Mushroomhead: “No. Sorry.
  • MxPx: Definitely not for SW16.
  • Fall Out Boy: They were just here so probably not.
  • WASP: “Can’t afford bands that will not sell tickets this time.”
  • Scorpions: “Can’t afford bands that will not sell tickets this time.”
  • Daniel Johns: Maddah is not interested in the former Silverchair frontman as a solo act, but would consider his old band!
  • Rush: Maddah “can’t ever see it happening”.
  • Alien Ant Farm: Maddah says he could get them for SW16, but won’t.
  • Coal Chamber: Maddah says “nope”, which likely means we’re looking at a headline tour this year. In fact, frontman Dez Fafara told The Rockpit he’s been “on the phone with AJ Maddah” who will stop by soon “to talk about Coal Chamber coming over (to Australia) to possibly do a headlining run later on this year.” Get excited.
  • PVRIS: They’ll be here before SW16.
  • Chiodos: Sorry guys, there’s “zero” chance of Chiodos for SW16.
  • Dream Theater: Maddah says there’s no chance.
  • Sixx: A.M.: Not happening.
  • Buckcherry: Not happening.
  • The Darkness: Not happening.
  • Cancer Bats: Not for SW16, but “There is a plan coming together…”
  • The Rasmus: “Not even back when they were mildly relevant.” Lol
  • Carach Angren: “No. Sorry”
  • 311: There’s no chance, says Maddah, although the festival has tried “numerous times”.
  • Electric Wizard: They’d be a possibility for future Soundwaves, just not SW16.
  • Eighteen Visions: They “sadly” won’t be getting back together for SW16, says Maddah.
  • HAVOK: Not for SW16
  • BrokeNCYDE: No dice for the crunkcore outfit
  • Acaedia: Again, not for SW16
  • Marianas Trench: Maddah says he “won’t work” with Marianas Trench.
  • Vampires Everywhere/The Killing Lights: Not going to happen. When asked if he’d consider bringing them to Soundwave, Maddah said, “no”.
  • Hot Rod Circuit: Not happening. Maddah may love these guys, but he think’s “their moment may have passed.”
  • Black Star Riders: Not happening.
  • Love and a .38: Not happening.
  • Warner Drive: Not happening.
  • Vision Of Disorder: Maddah loves them as a band, but not for SW16.
  • Breaking Benjamin: No chance they’ll be here in the foreseeable future, “Dude won’t get on a plane” and “They don’t have a sufficient profile here to make a boat trip worthwhile for band.”
  • Butcher Babies: Not for SW16, but they may be here for other shows.
  • Fearless Vampire Killers: “No” chance for the London outfit at SW16.
  • Dead By Sunrise: “Not for next year.”
  • Unwritten Law: Maddah answered with a flat out “no” when asked if the punk act would make it on the SW16 lineup.
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: “Zero” chance of making the Soundwave 2016 lineup.
  • Sirenia: “No” chance for Soundwave next year.
  • Viper Solfa: As abover, even though they’ve got a new album, Maddah says there’s “no” chance of Viper Solfa making the SW16 lineup.
  • Kamelot: “No” the Floridian metal act won’t be on the SW16 lineup.
  • Alesna: No go. They’ll “never be at SW again” due to their “douche” manager.
  • Artist vs. Poet: Sorry guys. There’s “zero” chance of the Texas pop punk act appearing on the SW16 lineup.
  • Lit: Sorry guys, not this year.
  • Sumo Cyco: Not happening for Soundwave 2016.
  • Tear Out the Heart: “Won’t happen” SW16. Maddah says he’s “just about out of spots”.

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