Mitch Lucker’s Wife Speaks At Vigil “Please Learn From This. Please”.

The wife of recently departed Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker (R.I.P) has spoken at a candlelight vigil held in memory of the musician. Jolie Carmadella has revealed more details about the night, as well as using the opportunity to plead with others.

Jolie has explained intimate details about Lucker that would otherwise be unknown. “He was an alcoholic,” she explained, “and it’s been a big battle”. Jolie apparently tried to stop Lucker from leaving that Halloween night, begging him “for us, don’t leave”, (referring to the couple’s 5-year-old daughter Kenadee). “I tried to stop him. I was in front of him begging him not to leave the house”. She labelled the event a ‘wake up call’.

Jolie also remembered her husband as “an amazing man. He was a wonderful father and a great husband. And now he’s gonna miss out on watching [his five-year-old daughter] Kenadee grow, because he decided to drink and ride,” before adding, “Just don’t. Just think before you guys do something stupid. Please learn from this. Please.” Via Blabbermouth.

The metal community has been left with a gaping hole since Mitch Lucker passed away after a motorbike crash. On Halloween night, Lucker collided with a pole while riding his Harley-Davison. He received serious injuries from the crash and passed away the following morning around

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