Suicide Silence Announce Special Fundraising Gig To Support Lucker’s Daughter

The remaining members of Suicide Silence have announced that they will be hosting a special performance in memory of their fallen vocalist, stating that all funds will be donated to Mitch Lucker‘s 5-year old daughter Kenadee Lucker‘s education fund.

Speaking to the crowd at the California Metalfest (Via Blabbermouth), guitarist Mark Heylmun says, “We fucking lost our brother; I’m sure you all know that. We all miss him more than anything in the fucking world.” Remembering his bandmate who passed away very recently after crashing his motorbike, Helmun added “This is the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to deal with; I really don’t know where to start. We’re just dealing with it day by day, and I hope everybody else is dealing with it. It’s just unreal to have to be up here right now talking about this.

“We wanna say thank you all so much for donating to Kenadee’s education fund” he continued, addressing details of the special one-off performance, “Everybody’s been asking what we’re gonna do as a band. We’re putting together a show. It’s gonna be at Fox Theater on December 21.

“Just kind of the best show, the best event that you could possibly imagine. Obviously, Mitch is not gonna be there. We’re gonna have a different singer every single song. We’re gonna put the best show that we possibly can together. It’s already in the works.

“Tickets go on sale next Friday. Hopefully everybody can make it out. It’s gonna be really fucking special. And all the money that is going towards the show is going to Kenadee’s educational fund. So it’s going to a cause and Mitch would really appreciate it and we appreciate it. Thank you very much.”

So Australia will miss out, but Aussies can still donate to the fund if the wish by clicking here. Lucker’s family put on a candlelight vigil in Mitch’s name shortly after his passing. The context of Lucker’s passing is still somewhat unclear as it is unknown whether he had been drink driving, or was distracted by anger.

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