Moose Blood Deny Allegations Against Frontman Eddy Brewerton

Moose Blood have publicly denied allegations made against frontman Eddy Brewerton who allegedly sent nude photos of a girl to band members.

Zoe Maria claimed on Twitter back in October of last year that Brewerton, “stole nudes off my phone and sent them to bands whatsapp group.”

“No I will not shut up about it because it still hasn’t been addressed. I’ll bring it up at every opportunity,” she wrote.

The band has addressed the allegations in a social media post saying that they are taking “legal action” claiming the allegation is, “is entirely false”.

“Until now we have resisted giving it any credence by commenting. However, the many repeats on social media have left us no option but to make our position clear,” they wrote.

“We are taking legal action. The process to resolve this issue is underway. We do not propose to comment further at this stage.”

In March of last year, drummer Glenn Harvey left the band in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Maria addressed this in her allegations writing, “They kicked the drummer out and ~donated money to a charity for sexual harassment victims~ but ignored what happened with me.”

She said that she went to the police about the matter but, “they wouldn’t persue it cos as far as I know the photos weren’t posted online so doesnt count as revenge porn.”

Moose Blood toured Australia last year and have multiple dates locked in for this year across the UK and the US.

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