Moshtix Denies Silk Road Links To Splendour Ticket “Prank”

After a number of eager Splendour punters ended up with erroneous four-figure excess charges on their credit cards after seeing a mysterious prompt on the Moshtix website directing them to the Silk Road, some feared their money was in the hands of the controversial Deep Web marketplace, but Moshtix chief Harley Evans says there’s “nothing at all to suggest that behaviour has occurred.”

“Part of our website was accessed by someone that wasn’t authorised to access that area. They went in and changed one of the ticket prices, and also the credit card fee level. That resulted in some customers being charged the wrong amount,” he told Triple J of the “unprecedented” issue.

Evans added that Moshtix are in the process of refunding the charges to “all of the customers who were affected, and they’ll be contacted by close of play today,” he said. “I can guarantee all customers who were charged extra will be refunded. The money has not gone to a third party.”

“We’ve got an independent fraud team looking into the matter, and there is nothing to suggest that [punter credit card information is being sold online]. We keep credit card details in a separate, more secure part of the website, so at the moment there is no risk to customers’ confidential information.”

Evans said he did not believe that this “prank” was a result of Moshtix, one of the country’s most trusted ticket retailers, “under-investing in security.” He also added that there was no link between the incident and punters missing out on tickets, which was due instead to unprecedented demand.

Fans quickly took to social media to complain of the charges, which were applied to purchases of tickets that were billed as being 50 percent off the regular Splendour In The Grass ticket price. Splendour organisers took to Twitter to warn fans not to purchase these “invalid” tickets.

“Due to technical issues some customers were erroneously offered reduced priced tickets and charged incorrect credit card fees,” read a statement by Moshtix. “All of these affected orders will be cancelled today, and customers contacted to allow them to purchase at the correct prices.”

“In response to speculation regarding unauthorised / illegal access of personal information during this morning’s Splendour In The Grass on sale, we can confirm that no credit card information has been compromised during the technical issues experienced this morning,” the statement added.

Despite the bizarre occurrences happening across the Moshtix servers, with some punters reporting erroneous charges of up to $3,000 or $4,000, even on transactions that did not request the “invalid” discounted tickets, the 2014 instalment of Splendour In The Grass still managed to sell out fast.

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