Mount Kimbie Adding Final Touches To Sophomore Album ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’

It’s been 3 years since UK EDM lads Mount Kimbie released their debut album Crooks & Lovers, so the anticipation behind the follow-up is totally understandable. Those who have been fiending new jams from the duo need only wait until Friday, 24th May to get Cold Spring Fault Less Youth into your ear holes.

The sophomore release has some big shoes to fill. With an older brother that was shortlisted for Neptune Music Prize in 2010 and a tip-of-the-hat from The Guardian, who nominated it for First Album Award, it’s not going to be easy, but from what we’ve heard so far, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is a totally different animal but with similar sized fangs.

The first warning shot from the new album Made To Stray has caused quite a stir since it was first aired in the UK only hours after the band finished mastering and mixing it. The track is chock full of the swelling brass and ominous tones that we’ve come to expect, but this time round, the pair are putting extra emphasis on the vocal side of things. And according to Pitchfork, Stereogum, NME and the rest, they pull it off.

But why not see for yourself…

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