Mountain Goats New Album ‘All Eternals Deck’ Out 25th March

Mountain Goats are back with their new studio album All Eternals Deck on the 25th March 2011.

Unlike the Goats’ previous spiritually enlightened album The Life Of The World To Come (2009), All Eternals Deck doesn’t dedicate itself to just one theme, but is an eclectic mix of inspirations including century old paintings and 70s cult films. The songs “cluster around themes of hidden things and the dread that hidden things inspire”, says singer songwriter John Darnielle.

This time around the band approached recording sessions for All Eternals Deck as commando raids on multiple studios with a several producers. They recorded four songs at North Carolina’s Fidelitorium with John Congleton; one at Q Division in Boston with long-time soundman Brandon Eggleston; four at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound with Scott Solter; and four at Mana Recording Studios in Florida, with Morbid Angel guitarist and Hate Eternal helmsman Erik Rutan.

Establishing themselves as one of the most innovative and creative indie bands of this generation, All Eternals Deck demonstrates how different seasons, moods, locations and producers play out in song.

All Eternals Deck track listing:

1. Damn These Vampires

2. Birth of Serpents

3. Estate Sale Sign

4. Age of Kings

5. The Autopsy Garland

6. Beautiful Gas Mask

7. High Hawk Season

8. Prowl Great Cain

9. Sourdoire Valley Song

10. Outer Scorpion Squadron

11. For Charles Bronson

12. Never Quite Free

13. Liza Forever Minnelli

14. Brisbane Hotel Sutra (Australia only bonus track)

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