Mumford & Sons Suspected Of People Smuggling

Mumford & Sons have built a solid reputation for their less-than-conventional touring shenanigans. Most of these, such as the stop-over in the Hunter Valley this October and the Gentlemen of the Road tour, roll through without incident. However, during a recent run of US shows, the band found themselves in a spot of bother.

The band had decided to take their show to the wild west by loading up an old-style steam train and begin chugging along the Texas boarder. What would have been an awesome experience for those on board was seen to be a little suspect by boarder police. According to Music News, as the band arrived in Marfa, Texas, they found the tracks had been obscured by a Police road block.

Authorities had mistaken the train as a vehicle used to smuggle illegal immigrants over the Mexican boarder, which, if you’d been watching Breaking Bad, you’ll know is on the other side of Texas. Speaking in an interview, Bassist Ted Dwane explained how the heated situation quickly diffused: “In Marfa, Texas, we were pulled over by police waiting for us with cars across the track. They accused us of stowing people away on the train. It was edgy, but the gig eventually went ahead. We swelled the town about fivefold and ended up playing soccer with the police.”

This is one of the few awkward moments the band has experienced on what has otherwise been a meteoritic rise to the top. Few incidents reflect this as much as a recent invitation from The Boss himself for the band to join him on stage. As vocalist Marcus Mumford told The Sunday Times, “It was the best fucking day of my life – unbelievable! The Boss had watched our show, which I didn’t know until the penultimate song, when I turned round and saw him in his Ray-Bans nodding.”

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