Muse’s After-Party Madness – S&M Performers, Sexy Pigs And Dwarves Serving “Coke”

If you’ve ever seen Muse play live you’ll know they put on one hell of a show, but it sounds like the after-party might be even crazier! Following a recent gig at Emirates Stadium, London, Muse hired out nightclub Cirque Le Soir to host their after-party where madness ensued.

Reportedly Muse drummer Dom Howard came up with the idea to hire dwarves as waiters, who worked the venue carrying silver platters of what appeared to be cocaine. The little stunt was meant to be a tribute to Queen, who apparently did the same thing in their heyday.

However, where Queen’s coke carrying waiters apparently served the real deal, Muse only used sherbet in their homage. An unnamed after-party guest said Howard came up with the gag as a way to jest with his close friend, Queen drummer Roger Taylor:

“It was hilarious. Dom is best friends with Roger Taylor, who comes to all of their gigs. And he knows Roger is sick of being asked about the stories about Queen snorting coke from bald dwarves heads and making them carry coke around on silver platters, so they thought it would be funny to send dwarves around carrying lines of sherbet on trays.”

Other moments of debauchery included Howard stapling fake money to an S&M performer’s butt, frontman Matt Bellamy’s partner Kate Hudson putting a cigar out on the same woman’s tongue, a performance by Catwoman swimming in an oversized glass of milk, 2 “sexy gambling pigs”, dwarves with Muse dollars stuffed in their mouths, and a striptease from a bearded lady.

Muse planned the after-party with the theme being “anti-corporate greed”.

(via NME)

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