Music Feeds LIVE: Spirit Valley Streaming This Wednesday

As Spirit Valley, Sydney-based friends Dave Tomlinson and Chris Stabback have discovered a sound that blends noise rock, doom metal, and post-rock with their own gypsy spin on things — a combo we think is perfect for Music Feeds Studio and worthy of a sessison for Music Feeds LIVE.

As documented in an instalment of Syrp’s Everyday Humans, Dave and Chris’ commitment to a life lived sharing music took them to the United States, where they got familiar with the land’s famous highways as they played gigs in New Orleans, Austin, and anywhere accommodating in between.

The pair’s 2013 Death EP was unveiled to a high degree of critical acclaim, with many declaring them as one of Australia’s best undiscovered bands and praising Dave’s ferocious vocal abilities, spaced-out guitar interludes, and Chris’ undeniable ability behind the drum kit.

To uncover the unique and uncompromising racket these two mates have been making, tune in right here after 3:00pm on Wednesday, 5th February when Spirit Valley come into Music Feeds Studio for a well-travelled performance and a quick interview before, the road beckons once again.

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Watch: Spirit Valley – Too Hot For Heaven

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