Nelly Is In Debt But The Internet Is Helping Him Out By Excessively Streaming ‘Hot In Here’

The internet can really drag musicians down sometimes but it can also lift them up when they most need it.

US rapper Nelly‘s time of need is right now and the internet has swiftly devised a plan to help him out. The Hot In Here hitmaker has been hit with a $2.4 million tax lien but while he’s working it out, his fans have come to the rescue.

Through an internet campaign #SaveNelly, fans have worked out that they can get Nelly out of debt by encouraging people to stream his 2002 megahit Hot In Here


Spin did the maths and worked out that if he earns between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream, fans will need to clock up at least 287,176,547 streams to help him out. At the most he’ll need 402,880,500 streams.

Hot In Here has been streamed 60 million times in the history of Spotify meaning it’s a massive but it seems fans are really pulling together.

The internet are loading up their Spotify queue with Hot In Here and they’re either putting it on mute so they can play it hundreds of times without wanting to drown their phone, or they’re putting up with it. To people in the latter category we salute you.

So, are you gonna do your bit?

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