Nelly Furtado Sings ‘I’m Like A Bird’ With Drake In Rare Live Appearance

Nelly Furtado has made a rare live appearance, performing alongside Drake as part of his All Canadian North Stars show. The performance, which took place on Thursday night, was part of a showcase designed to feature some of Canada’s biggest hip hop exports.

As the evening progressed, Drake invited his hometown crowd to welcome Furtado to the stage. “Thank goodness I’m a nice, humble, well-spoken — I like to deal with people the right way — because that’s the only way that you can get this next person out of the house to come do what they’re gonna do right now,” Drake explained to the audience.

Nelly Furtado and Drake perform together at All Canadian North Stars show

“I don’t care how loud you sang tonight. Right now I need you to sing as loud as you possibly can because this right here took a lot,” he added. “This next person’s music changed my life so much. I love her with all my heart, so when she comes out here you better show her some fucking love too.”

As Furtado made her appearance onstage, she was greeted with rapturous applause, swiftly launching into a performance of her 2006 hit ‘Promiscuous’. To wrap up the evening, Furtado performed her 2001 breakthrough single ‘I’m Like A Bird’, with Drake joining in throughout.

As Drake alluded to in his claims that Furtado’s appearance “took a lot”, this brief set was the first live performance from the acclaimed singer since October 2017. Her last studio album, The Ride, was released earlier that same year.

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