New Garbage Album Looking Good For 2014

In an effort to ensure that fans needn’t wait as long between drinks as they have in the past, Garbage have announced plans to released their next album in 2014, which should come as a relief to the band’s faithful, who are not unaccustomed to waiting 7 years for a new LP.

Speaking with Billboard, the group’s drummer Butch Vig, who also moonlights as the group’s producer, explained that, “I think we want to get going quicker. We’d like to see a record come out next year. We have a couple offers to play, but we may try to go into the studio in June and start working on another album.”

This is a bit of a different game plan than previous releases. For those who have been paying attention, you may remember that whilst Garbage released Not Your Kind Of People in 2012, the album preceding that, Bleed Like Me, was released way back in 2005.

As Vig continued to explain, however, the final product is still a while off but the band are geed up regardless:

“We’re all excited about that. We don’t really have any songs started yet, but we all have ideas for songs. I have little riffs and things floating around in my head… If we could get started some time in the summer and finish close to the end of the year, we could have it out in the spring or summer of next year, which would be cool.”

The last fresh material from the band wasn’t actually all that fresh – Garbage flipped the Patti Smith jam Because The Night in honor of Record Store Day this year. That particular single will be released Saturday, 20th April but only 3,000 copies will be available, so good luck if you’re looking to get your hands on one.

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