New Muse Album Will Deal With World War III And More

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has taken to Twitter to share new details of the band’s forthcoming seventh studio album. Having previously revealed that the UK rockers’ follow-up to 2012’s The 2nd Law will be a stripped-back effort, Bellamy has now disclosed what themes fans can expect on the new record.

According to the frontman, Muse’s new material will include songs that deal with “deep ecology, the empathy gap and World War 3”. The tweet comes as the first indication of the lyrical subject matter of Muse’s new album, as Bellamy had previously only shared details of the album’s sonic character.

Bellamy has told numerous interviewers that the new album will rely primarily on “guitar, bass and drums” and eschew the electronic and dubstep elements that marked Muse’s recent output. The frontman has now indicated that the new album will contradict his previous statement that “guitar solos are uncool”.

During the impromptu Twitter Q&A session, Bellamy was also asked if the band have any plans to play the track Citizen Erased from their 2001 sophomore album, Origin of Symmetry, on their next tour. Bellamy responded by saying that not only will they play the track, but a “sequel” will also make an appearance.

The band entered the studio to begin work on their The 2nd Law follow-up back in May. While there is currently no expected date of release, back in April drummer Dominic Howard told US radio station KROQ, “If we can get something out this year, that would be great, but definitely next year.”

Watch: Muse – Citizen Erased at Glastonbury 2004

Photos: Muse, Birds Of Tokyo – Entertainment Centre, Brisbane 10/12/13

Photos by Charlyn Cameron

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