New Premier Says Sydney Needs Lockouts Coz “Mums & Dads In The Suburbs Are Worried About What Their Kids Are Doing”

Hey, Sydney. Your new Premier Gladys Berejiklian has just shared her first thoughts on the lockout laws and hooooo boy. You might wanna sit down for this one.

Anti-lockouts campaigners statewide may have reacted with a fist-pump and possibly even a celebratory post-midnight kebab and 1.31am glass of Penfolds Grange following the news that lockout law poster-boy Mike Baird had resigned from the top job, but it seems like old Gladys ain’t gonna be much better for the “24-hour city” cause.

Speaking on Sydney’s Kiis FM, #CasinoMike’s successor announced her official position on the widely-despised lockouts, saying that she’s “kind of at a comfortable place with them now, because we had an independent report that said ‘come on you can relax them a little bit’ and we did”.

Gladys then added that the laws were good because they’re about “protecting young people”.

“Because mums and dads in the suburbs are worried about what their young kids are doing when they’re having a good time,” she continued. “And you don’t wanna stay up — well, I mean parents stay up worrying anyway. But you wanna make sure you’ve got a government in action that’s really thinking about what we can do to keep kids as safe as [possible] and also send the right message.”

We. Shit. You. Not.

The new Premier of NSW just referred to YOU — legal, voting, tax-paying, savings account-having adults — as “kids”. Yep, we’ve hit critical levels of #nannystate right here.

“Premier, we’re NOT kids,” retorts Keep Sydney Open spokesperson Scott Mitchell in a video PSA (below). “And the government has to stop making laws as if we are.”

The anti-lockouts movement is urging punters to contact the Premier and let her know that — unless her government plans on changing the legal adult age to 40 any time soon (and I was dead set hesitant to even write that in case it gives them any ideas) — the lockout laws are actually affecting grown-ups.

Meanwhile, after police successfully had Keep Sydney Open’s planned rally in King’s Cross last week shut down by the Supreme Court due to apparent risks to public safety, KSO have announced a “bigger, louder” rally for February.

Better start brainstorming ideas for the next hilarious set of signs, y’all.

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