Nick Littlemore Says “There Could Totally Be” An Empire Of The Sun Reunion On The Cards For 2022

2022’s shaping up to be a massive year for live music, and even moreso now that Nick Littlemore has basically confirmed there is an Empire Of The Sun reunion on the cards.

Littlemore – who is also one half of PNAU – revealed the news while speaking to Neil Griffiths on his podcast The Plug With Neil Griffiths.

“There could totally be Empire stuff in the next year, for sure,” Littlemore said on the podcast. He also said he and his bandmate Luke Steele were planning to reunite earlier, but COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. Steele was also busy with other musical projects, including releasing his self-titled debut album as H3000.

Littlemore said he and Steele hadn’t seen each other “since COVID or a fair while prior to COVID.”

He also shared with Griffiths the lyrics to an unreleased song the pair wrote while in Japan.

“It’s such an exciting record – it’s super sad but in that way that Luke makes you feel good about feeling sad; makes you feel good about feeling anything. He’s such an extraordinary artist.”

Those lyrics were: “Maybe I drink alone but maybe I drink with friends / I just don’t know; you know? / Maybe I feel too much but maybe I fall in love with love, not lust.”

Listen back to the full podcast interview below.

PNAU are set to perform at Beyond The City over New Years, where they’ll be playing alongside Hayden James, Spacey Jane, Lime Cordiale, and more.

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