Noel Gallagher Reacts To The Amity Affliction’s Noel Gallagher-Themed ‘Turd’ Merch

Noel Gallgher has responded to The Amity Affliction‘s new merch design featuring his likeness.

ICYMI: the Brissie post-hardcore crew recently immortalised the Oasis legend in T-shirt form alongside a quote from a timeless review he gave their music back in 2010: “sounds like a dead turd”.

So when Music Feeds sat down for a chinwag with Noel this week, we couldn’t help but enquire as to whether he’d copped a squiz of Amity’s fresh “dead turd” threads.

“No,” he replied. “Unless I see somebody wearing it outside my front door it’s never liable to reach me because I don’t surf the internet.”

Further clarifying his stance on the matter, he added: “I have no idea who they are or what indeed you’re talking about”.

“‘Sounds like a dead turd’? It sounds like the kind of thing I may have said. Who knows? Who cares.”

But he nonetheless still backed his original review of their music in true Noel Gallagher style.

“What is it, metal? Clearly bound to be shit then.”

Sadly, TAA’s “sounds like a dead turd” tees have been discontinued. But we look forward to their “Clearly bound to be shit” tees coming soon.

JK Amity, love youuuuuu.

Stay tuned for Music Feeds’ full Noel Gallagher interview. It’s a good’n.

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