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Image for Noel Gallagher Says His Cat Is “More Rock ‘N’ Roll” Than RadioheadImages: Supplied / Getty: Rich Fury

Noel Gallagher Says His Cat Is “More Rock ‘N’ Roll” Than Radiohead

Written by Zanda Wilson on November 21, 2017

Noel Gallagher has never been a massive fan of Radiohead and now he’s even gone so far as to claim his cat Boots is “more rock ‘n’ roll” than Thom Yorke’s band.

In an interview with the Irish Independent Noel was asked if it was true he had once made the claim about his cat in the past.”Absolutely, he responded. “Boots is a fucking demon.”

The former Oasis member went on to admit “they have done some great stuff” but stressed that Radiohead are not a party band.

“This is the one thing that I am always going to hold against them,” he continued. “My wife has a physical reaction to them, when she hears them.

“It’s like: ‘No – can’t do it. Once he [Thom Yorke] starts singing. Can’t do it.’ No, they’re not a party band. But I’ve got some of their tunes on my phone. But I’m never in the Radiohead moment where I’m thinking, ‘Oh, a bit of modern angst will do her!.'”

Noel Gallagher will head back on tour across Europe next year, potentially with someone continuing to play scissors on stage with him like at a recent gig.  His new album Who Built the Moon?, out this Friday, November 24th. Pre-order here.

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