NOFX Announce ‘First Ditch Effort’, Their First Full-Length Album In Four Years

NOFX are back with some rough-as-guts, ugly-as-sin Punk Rock after a four-year gap between records. Otherwise known as First Ditch Effort, the album will drop Friday, 7th October with the first kick in the teeth, Six Years On Dope, spinning right now.

The tracklist reveals that Six Years On Dope is actually the first track off the record. The track is a hyper-personal assessment of the misadventures the band’s youth, discussing a litany of battles with substance abuse, including spending four years on heroin and it’s impact on their life.

The album will be released through mainstay member Fat Mike’s Fat Wreck Chords, so fans will be pleased the whole thing is as punk rock as possible in this day and age.

This is sure to bring some positive vibes through the camp who found themselves in the worst situation for a band, announcing the death of a fan at a show, prompting the band to urge fans to keep it safe.

Watch: NOFX – Six Years On Dope

First Ditch Effort tracklist:

1: Six Years on Dope

2: Happy Father’s Day

3: Sid and Nancy

4: California Drought

5: Oxy Moronic

6: I Don’t Like Me Anymore

7: I’m A Transvest-lite

8: Ditch Effort

9: Dead Beat Mom

10: Bye Bye Biopsy Girl

11: It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom

12: I’m So Sorry Tony

13: Generation Z

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