Photo: Sam Mooy/Getty Images

NSW Is Set To Ease Even More Restrictions From 1st December

NSW has gone almost three weeks without a locally acquired case of COVID-19, and now the state government is ready to ease restrictions even further.

As reported by SBS, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is expected to announce today (Wednesday, 25th November) that indoor gatherings can now consist of up to 30 visitors as opposed to 20.

In addition, outdoor gatherings can include up to 50 people in a public space, up from 30.

Small hospitality venues (up to 200 square metres) will be able to accommodate up to double the amount of people they have been, with new rules saying they can have one person per 2 square metres indoors, up to a maximum of 50 customers.

These restrictions will all be introduced on Tuesday, 1st December, pending there isn’t a new outbreak of the virus in the coming days.

Tuesday, 1st December is also a key date as it is when people from both Victoria and Sydney will be able to travel to Queensland once again.

Fingers crossed standing up at concerts is coming sooner than we think.

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