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Venues in Victoria to Reopen at Limited Capacity When State Hits 80% Vaccination Target

Live entertainment venues in Victoria will be permitted to reopen (with capacity restrictions) when the 80% of the state’s residents aged 16 and above are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Premier Daniel Andrews unveiled the state’s “roadmap” out of lockdown yesterday (19th September), based on modelling from the Burnet Institute, as the state continues its sixth lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic.

The first easing of restrictions for entertainment venues will come when 70% of residents have received their second dose of the vaccine. At that point, pubs, clubs and entertainment venues will be allowed to open to 50 fully vaccinated people, but this must take place outdoors.

Other restrictions that will lift at the 70% mark include the removal of the curfew and 10 fully vaccinated people permitted to gather outdoors. This target is expected to be met on Tuesday, 26th October.

When 80% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated (expected to be on Friday, 5th November) indoor entertainment venues will be able to house 150 fully vaccinated people, with a density quotient in place of one person per four square metres. Outdoor venues, meanwhile, will be capped at 50% of their capacity as non-seated, or either 25% or 5000 people if seated, whichever is lesser.

Other restrictions that will ease at this point include all retail reopening, up to 10 people permitted to gather at one’s home, up to 30 people permitted to gather in public outside and up to 150 fully vaccinated people permitted to dine indoors.

Victoria’s roadmap follows a similar plan unveiled by the NSW government earlier this month. When 70% of the eligible NSW population has been fully vaccinated, up to 500 people will be able to attend ticketed and seated outdoor events, and indoor entertainment facilities will be able to reopen with one person per four square metres or 75% fixed seated capacity

As of figures reported today, 72% of eligible Victorians have received their first dose of the vaccine, with 43.9% fully vaccinated. You can see the full details of Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdowns here.

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