NSW Premier Announces Further Easing of Restrictions on Live Entertainment at 80% Vaccination Milestone

Changes have been announced for the restrictions that will be eased for NSW the Monday after the state hits the milestone of 80% of the adult population fully vaccinated.

New NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet revealed the changes today (7th Oct0ber), with a number of restrictions around entertainment venues to be eased more than initially announced.

Among them, there will be a 3000-capacity limit for controlled outdoor gatherings (ie. seated, ticketed events such as concerts). It had previously been announced that the capacity limit would be 500, so it’s a fairly significant increase.

Nightclubs, meanwhile, will be permitted to open earlier than the previously-slated date of Wednesday, 1st December. There’s one big catch, though – clubs will be able to open for seated drinking only. Dancing will not be allowed until that 1st December date.

“Young people have done it pretty tough during this period of time,” commented Perrottet earlier today when announcing the change. “This is, for many, the best years of their life, at 18, 19, and they haven’t been go out, go clubbing and doing that… I want to thank them. And we’ll get those clubs open as quickly as possible.”

Yesterday, NSW became the first state to reach 70% of its eligible population fully vaccinated, with several restrictions to ease from next Monday (11th October) as a result.

Some of those restrictions have been changed as well – from Monday, 10 visitors will be allowed in a home (it was previously five) and the cap on outdoor gatherings will be lifted to 30 people (it was previously 20). As previously announced, these restrictions will lift only for the fully vaccinated.

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