Live Music In Victoria To Return Uncapped Once State Hits 90% Vaccination

In a press conference delivered this morning, Victorian premier Dan Andrews announced a raft of restrictions that are set to be lifted once the state hits 80% and 90% vaccination, with live music set to return uncapped for vaccinated folks at 90%.

The state is due to hit 80% full-vaccination this week, with restrictions lifting this Friday, 29th November. The state will level all restrictions with regional and metropolitan Victoria, meaning everyone in the state will come under the same blanket restrictions as of this Friday.

Not much is changing this round for live music, however there are set to be a massive number of changes once the state hits 90% full-vaccination, with the state effectively opening back up for those who are vaccinated.

There will be no limits to the number of people allowed to gather in households or outdoors, and masks will not be required indoors or outdoors, except in high-risk or low-vaccinated settings where social distancing is difficult.

And great news for the music and entertainment industries – venues will be allowed to operate at maximum capacity subject to vaccination requirements and COVIDSafe measures, meaning small businesses can operate fully.

Festivals and large-scale events will be able to proceed with no density caps for fully-vaccinated individuals, however state-approved events will need to have a one-off approval by the government of the operator’s COVIDSafe plan.

The projected date these restrictions will be lifted is Wednesday, 24th November, but that is subject to change depending on the rate of vaccination.

Earlier this week, the Victorian Government announced their Play On initiative, with events taking place in Melbourne and regional Victoria in a bid to bring live music back to the state in a COVIDSafe environment.

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