Odd Future Accused Of Bashing Fan On Stage

According to TMZ, the Odd Future gang have taken things a bit too far for one seriously unlucky fan at a concert several days ago. The San Antonio fan filed a report with his local police department following the gig after he was allegedly beaten up by the rap collective midway through the concert.

Although the claims are currently all hearsay, the 17-year-old victim has posted images of his injuries on the Internet exclusively through the American celebrity magazine. Although the injuries may have been sustained through a variety of other incidents, namely from the violent nature of Odd Future’s crowds (see Big Day Out 2012 reviews) it is still highly possible that these claims are true.

The story goes that teenage Chassan Rasagi decided to increase his street cred by jumping up on stage with the collective, something that they evidently didn’t respond well to. TMZ reported that “OF rapper Hodgy Beats pushed Rasagi back into the crowd…and he then became a human ping pong ball when the crowd pushed Rasagi back on stage. At that point, we’re told the group attacked Rasagi en masse.” To quote none other than Ron Burgundy, “that escalated quickly”.

TMZ continued, “Rasagi suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body during the melee. We’re told he also suffered two seizures. We’re told Rasagi now plans to sue the group. It’s worth noting that some people in the crowd claim Rasagi threw the first punch.”

Below are two videos from the concert showing the incident – obviously the camera work is quite dodgy, however, but you can still develop some sort of idea about the event.

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