Odd Future Claim Accuser Threw First Punch, Bust Him Bragging On Twitter

Earlier today, news broke that Odd Future had landed in some hot water following claims from a ‘fan’ that the group assaulted him at a recent performance. It is a legal case the accuser is going to find all the more difficult to win after he bragged on Twitter about what went down.

Pitchfork have reported that Odd Future and their camp have taken the assault claims filed by the 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi very seriously. Rasagi, on the other hand, seems to be more focused with all the attention he has been receiving. Odd Future have taken screenshots of the San Antonio local’s Twitter feed.

Through his Twitter account, Rasagi didn’t dispute the popular claim that he threw the first punch – something even punters at the show stated. Rasagi has then gone on to brag about posting a statement to TMZ, as well as the money he is set to get should he win the assault lawsuit. The dude even bragged about starting a clothing line.

Regardless of how cool Rasagi might be playing it now, it’s been reported on the night that he suffered some serious injuries and even seizure-like symptoms, suggesting a serious beating. He claims Odd Future threw the first punch, putting them at fault – but Twitter posts can be used as evidence as well.

TMZ are all over the story like white on rice, so more updates are expected. Check out some of the screen grabs below.

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