Tyler, The Creator Tours With Own Bacon, Claims Earl Sweatshirt

Fresh off his Wearld Tour, Earl Sweatshirt stopped by Zane Lowe’s BBC radio show and inadvertently spilled the beans about fellow Odd Future member, Tyler, The Creator‘s bacon obsession, claiming the rapper has it flown in specially whilst on tour.

In an candid interview with Lowe, Earl Sweatshirt and his unnamed cohort revealed that someone stood “side-stage, at the show, cooking him [Tyler] bacon for when he got off the stage.” The managers in the background confirmed they still have some of Tyler’s American bacon and syrup in their fridges from when he FedExed the cold-cut from the other side of the world.

“Next time you see him, ask him about it,” laughed Sweatshirt. He himself has some choice words to share about his distaste for English breakfast foods. “Breakfast is an institution that needs to be taken seriously,” he mused. “Y’all are playing games over here bro.”

“The bacon out here – trashy. Unacceptable, it’s fatty,” he protested. “I saw an add for breakfast that was baked beans, tomatoes and some pulled ham in a cup!,” he added. “Y’all need to stop playing around with baked beans at breakfast.”

The rest of the chat included some stories from his recent tour and musings on banjos, check out a clip below. Tyler, the Creator recently announced that he’s no longer planning on releasing EarlWolf, his collaborative album with Earl Sweatshirt. “It will never live up to the expectations of people that really want it,” he wrote via his spring.me account.

Tyler’s obsession with bacon is well documented as the internet swarms with accounts of his pork-related interactions. Such accounts include Tyler’s reaction to bacon-scented soap, while another involves two eager LA radio DJs presenting him with a gift-wrapped bacon treat. Check them out below.

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