Odds On Daft Punk And Beady Eye To Play Secret Glastonbury Sets

Bookies have ruled that Daft Punk are the favourites to play a secret show at Glastonbury this week, but Beady Eye are also looking likely, with similarly high odds and a mysterious tweet from Liam Gallagher adding fuel to the rumour fire.

According to bookies William Hill, the French electronic duo are at 6/4 to turn up unannounced at the UK festival for a DJ set, with Beady Eye the second-most likely act to appear at 5/1. Meanwhile, Beady Eye’s Liam Gallagher tweeted an image which read “Where will you be?”, followed by the text “11am Friday – BE there or BE square”.

David Bowie and Queens Of The Stone Age are also contenders, sitting at 6/1 and 10/1, with William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly explaining Bowie’s popularity with punters:

“Who has not been to a festival already this year and heard the rumour that Bowie is there, except for Download perhaps? There will undoubtedly be no change at Glasto, but the odds would suggest there is plenty of weight behind this rumour.”

Bets are also being placed on which special guests will turn up during The Rolling Stones‘ headlining set, with Jeff Beck leading the way at 4/7, Bruce Springsteen at 11/10 and Adele at 11/8, while it wouldn’t be a complete set of odds without a Bowie rumour – he’s at 10/1 to share the mic with Mick.

Secret shows are somewhat of a tradition at Glasto, with bands like Radiohead and Pulp having played unannounced sets on smaller stages in the past, but festival organisers last year claimed they wouldn’t be staging any more as they cause too many safety and security issues, mainly due to big crowd surges.

If you’re stuck in the southern hemisphere this weekend, you can enjoy Glastonbury from the comfort of your own lounge room as the festival is telecast in Australia for the first time ever.

(via NME)

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