Glastonbury Festival 2013

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Foreign Correspondent: Glastonbury Festival 2013 – Part 2

You can find part 1 here… The sun rose on a glorious Saturday and the skies cleared for what was to be the most picturesque day of the festival. Indie rockers The 1975 opened the day’s proceedings, with their indie-pop vibes being the soundtrack to the morning on The Other Stage. Evidently amazed with the […]

Gig Reviews

Foreign Correspondent: Glastonbury Festival 2013 – Part 1

Since its inception in the summer of 1970, Glastonbury has grown to be world-famous for its unbelievable lineups, unique artistic vision and unparalleled euphoric feel. As the beginning of the European summer began to set in, this unique brand of festival was once again imprinted on the small British town of Pilton. As the gates […]


Woman Gives Birth Following Rolling Stones Glastonbury Performance

A pregnant woman has given birth to her baby at Glastonbury Festival after witnessing The Rolling Stones headlining set last Saturday night, taking ‘inducing labour’ off the very small list of Things Mick Jagger Can’t Do. According to The Independent, 33-year-old Heidi Wesson wasn’t due to give birth for another 2 weeks, but nobody told […]


What We Missed At Glastonbury Festival 2013

Once again, the iconic Glastonbury Festival has come and gone. As Australians, it’s now our unfortunate duty to sit back, and look on as all those in attendance revel in their experiences and go on and on about how we totally should have been there. Well, we’ve put together a list of some of the […]


Baby Spotted Crowd Surfing At Glastonbury 2013

Had it been a scene from Look Who’s Talking it may have been the pinnacle of western comedy but, unfortunately, this is the RL and seeing your baby off for a crowd surf is most likely considered the pinnacle of creative child abuse. A small, small human being has been snapped cruising high atop the […]

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