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Briggs Has Made A Few Changes To Bill Shorten’s Very White Labor Ad

Earlier this week, Bill Shorten and the Labor party copped plenty of flack for a campaign ad that depicted a very white Australia.

Since, Shorten has labelled the ad a mistake while fellow ALP member Anthony Albanese has called it a “shocker”. Thankfully, Aussie MC Briggs has come to the rescue, offering up a new advertisement.

On Charlie Pickering’s ‘The Weekly’, Briggs spoke about Shorten’s ad saying, “There are more white people wearing hi-vis than there are brown people wearing anything. And you don’t need to put white people in hi-vis, they’re already highly visible.”

He then attempted to fix the ad for Shorten with a version that advocated for Indigenous people to fill the position of standing around, “being tradies in political ads.”

“A Briggs government will give the jobs of pretending to have other jobs to Indigenous Australian actors.”

He’s got our vote.

This appearance on ‘The Weekly’ follows one earlier in the year where Briggs called a cute festival sniffer dog a “narc” and “fuzzy little cops”.

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