OK So Here’s What’s Actually Going On With Rage Against The Machine

Get ready to rage because those Rage Against The Machine reunion rumours just copped a bullet in the head.

Billboard has released more industry goss about the imminent announcement that mysterious new website Prophets Of Rage is actually counting down to, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be an RATM comeback.

At least, not a full one anyway.

Yeah, we know.

Instead, as Billboard has reported, Prophets Of Rage is a new supergroup featuring 3/4 of RATM i.e. everyone except Zach De La Rocha (= gutted) plus Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and Cypress Hill rapper B-Real.

The new rap-rock megasquad are set to tour together and apparently perform songs by all three bands, with their debut show set for Hollywood’s Palladium on June 3rd, followed by a show at the Whisky a Go Go and possibly a 2016 summer tour.

Look, it sounds pretty cool, especially considering the state of US politics at the moment = time to take the power back. But we probably would have been way more receptive to the news IF THEY HADN’T MADE US BELIEVE THAT RAGE WERE GETTING BACK TOGETHER FIRST.

Instead it be like:


“You won’t be needing this.”

Aaaaaaaand if you still give a fuck after getting your heart royally shat upon, catch the band’s official announcement, set to drop Tuesday, May 31st AEST.

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