Orla Gartland
Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Mine’

Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland released a new single titled ‘Mine’ on June 18th along with a music video. The track ‘Mine’ is a gentle yet powerful inspection of the singer’s developing relationship with intimacy and making peace with her past personal experiences. 

Orla Gartland explained the meaning behind her new track: “’Mine’ is by far the most vulnerable song I’ve written to date – putting it feels a little scary but also hugely important to me. It tells a fragmented story of an experience that really affected my relationship with intimacy and how that stayed with me throughout relationships that followed.”

Orla Gartland – ‘Mine’

She added. “I wanted to give the lyrics on this song space to breathe so we kept the production super minimal on this track; live vocal and guitar and a super beautiful, haunting 4-piece string part. This was my first time recording real strings on a song of mine and for me they bring even more emotional depth to the track. I’m really proud of this song and whilst I hope in a way that no one relates to it, I hope it can bring comfort and hope to anyone who does.”

With the release of ‘Mine’, Orla also brings news about intimate live shows across Dublin, London and Bristol and also her new single titled ‘Little Chaos’. 

Orla started sharing her creations online at the age of 14. Her songs have crossed a quarter of a billion streams, she has had huge sold-out shows, made festival appearances at Glastonbury and Latitude, which shows how far she has come.

Her self-released debut album titled “Woman on the Internet” has made it to the Top 10 critically acclaimed albums.

You can stream her new single ‘Mine’ here.

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