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Lorna Releases New Single ‘Underachiever’

Lorna released her second single ‘Underachiever’ on Wednesday, 19th June along with a music video. She is an emerging folk/country music singer and hails from the North East Coast of NSW. 

She released her new single earlier this year titled ‘Bloom’ which got her a huge fan base. The name ‘LORNA’ has been inspired by the frontwoman Erin Condon’s grandmother, who is the reason behind her getting into and curating music. 

LORNA – ‘Underacheiver’

Erin Condon explained the meaning behind her new single “’Underachiever’ was written at the exact moment I thought my life was over. Following a pretty rough breakup, I had made such a big deal about being alone for Valentine’s Day so I did the inevitable Tinder download and began vetting my next date. This series of events summed up the months following this breakup; completely distraught and looking for any light at the end of the tunnel, even if that light took the form of a complete stranger…  just so that you don’t have to buy yourself flowers and a twix bar from the Coles Express on your way home.”

In this track, LORNA has showcased her incredible vocal skills as well as her skills on guitar and piano by creating a melody that touches the soul of the listener. The song shares the feelings that come with sharing quality of the song’s namesake and the kind of emotions that one feels while being labelled as an ‘underachiever’.

The song comes with an accompanying music video that is sure to get the fans go crazy. 

You can stream the new single ‘Underachiever’ here.

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